Wedding vows are promises you make to each other, not just words of love.

The wedding vows you exchange are going to be the foundation of your marriage and not an effort to impress friends, relatives or even your partner.

These promises should be kept, remembered and perhaps even re-read at each wedding anniversary.

Your wedding vows do not need to be a replica of your partners, you can both write your own personal wedding vows. It is recommended that you recite your own personal wedding vows to each other before the wedding ceremony to make sure they are written in the same spirit.

Tips to writing your own wedding vows

  1. Make a joint decision on the overall mood of your wedding vows. Humorous, serious, romantic, spiritual.
  2. Write your personal wedding vows only when you mean and feel them.
  3. Wedding vows should be no more than two paragraphs long. Wedding vows that take 20 minutes to recite can loose their impact and effect.
  4. Read other couples wedding vows, and use the vows you love and that mean the most to you as a couple.
  5. Alter the language of the wedding vows to suit your own style, whether your vows are written in a traditional language or you take a more modern approach, ie thou to you etc...
  6. Omit religious references if you are having a non religious, civil marriage ceremony, On this special day, _____, I give to you, in the presence of (God and) all these witnesses...
  7. If you suffer wedding vow writers block, don't panic, keep a pen and paper next to your bed and sleep on it. Often ideas or a better way of saying something will come to you after your mind rests.
  8. If that doesn't work, seek help. Read other wedding vows for inspiration, you'll find plenty of examples via real wedding tv
  9. Don't worry, whatever wedding vows you write, they will have come from the heart, and are therefore automatically special.
  10. When exchanging your wedding vows, don't feel you have to know them off by heart. Wedding day jitters can effect even the best public speakers so keep your wedding vows handy on index cards or ask your officiant read the vows first for your to repeat. Remember it is the meaning of the wedding vows as you exchange them counts.
  11. Keep a copy of your wedding vows after your wedding, they may come in handy as reminder flash cards if either of you forget break a vow.

writing your own vows

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