outdoor wedding reception

with love and embers

Heartfelt, original vows are always special, whatever number marriage it may be, but if you don't have a knack for the written word, or just need a few hints to kickstart your creativity, we've compiled a couple of sample lines:

  1. I offer myself to you as your life partner. I commit myself to you in good times and in bad. I give thanks for having found you and for giving me a fresh opportunity for lifelong love. I will cherish, love and respect you all the days of our lives.
  2. Because of you, I laugh, I smile, I dare to dream again. I look forward with great joy to spending the rest of my life with you, caring for you, nurturing you, being there for you in all life has in store for us, and I vow to be true and faithful for as long as we both shall live.
  3. Life/God has given us a second chance at love. I come today to give you my heart and my hopes for our future together. My love for you is endless and eternal.
  4. I am proud to marry you this day. Together we will wipe clean the mistakes of the past and create a new canvas full of colour, harmony and beauty. I give myself to you completely and promise to love you always and forever, from this day forward.
  5. I promise to love you without reservation, to comfort you in times of distress, to encourage you to achieve all your goals, to laugh with you, to cry with you and to grow with you. I will be open and honest with you and to cherish you for as long as we both shall live.
  6. I promise to be a loving and faithful husband/wife to you and a patient and caring father/mother to (insert children's names), loving and providing for them as my own. I promise to be their strength and emotional support, with all my heart, just as I do for you.

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