It's probably the best-loved - and most followed - tradition of them all, but why?

Something old - signifies the bride's ongoing link with the traditions of her family. Popular choices are to wear a bridal accessory such as a veil or tiara, or a piece of jewellery that was passed down from someone in her family.

Something new ~ represents the start of a brides new life, and hope for the future. This can be represented by the wedding gown, shoes or any other new bridal accessory.

Something borrowed ~ is a nod to strong ties with friends and extended family. This could be a borrowed piece of jewellery from a family member or a friend. A popular choice is to borrow a lace handkerchief from a friend or family member who is happily married, so that their good fortune may be passed on.

Something blue ~ symbolises all things pure, such as faithfulness, loyalty, devotion and everlasting love. This can be a blue garter, a blue love heart sewn into the hem of your wedding dress or blue wedding shoes. Aaaaww - how can you resist?

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