Wedding Traditions: The Bouquet

Louisa Bailey Photography

Today's bridal bouquets are usually chosen for their colour, to suit the wedding theme or just because they're the bride's favourite blooms. Of course that wasn't always the case.

The original concept behind the bouquet was to carry a collection of herbs, flowers and spices which all had symbolic meaning. The herbs and spices represented fertility and new life - and warded off evil spirits and family demons; while flowers signified purity and innocence.

Some brides still choose flowers for their meaning though, with stephanotis (marital happiness), gardenia (purity, joy), rose (love, joy, beauty) and lily (majesty, truth, honour) popular picks among sentimental couples.

The tradition of throwing the bouquet into a crowd of unwed women to identify who'll be the next to marry is an enduring one, but many people mightn't know that if she drops it then the story changes and she'll supposedly go from first to last on the marrying list.

For those who like to take tradition a little further, the man who caught the garter can put it on the woman who caught the bouquet with the "couple" then starting off the next dance.

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