Q - How many colours should I incorporate into my theme?

A - As a rule of thumb, a maximum of two colours plus a base colour (i.e. white or ivory) should be used within your theme. Should you wish to use multiple colours, we recommend that you put your bridesmaids in multi - coloured wedding dresses of a similar shade of the one colour or put together a pretty mix of colours as shown in the image. You could also decorate each of your wedding guest tables in a different colour (matching your muliti coloured bridesmaids dresses.

colourful bridesmaids dresses

Q - I'm having some difficulty deciding on what kind of theme I would like our wedding to be. I like pink, gold and lilies, and my partner likes silver and frangipanis. We're getting married in June with a garden ceremony and the reception at one of our favourite restaurants. I plan on doing most of the decorating myself with some help from my bridesmaids. Can you help me with some ideas on what themes will suit our tastes?

A - As your wedding will be held in June, I would suggest the use of lilies as frangipanis only flower between December and April. With regards to colours, you may wish to combine both your tastes in colour using the pink and silver. These two colour combinations look great together and would look great against an oriental lily.

Q - I would really like to have a Scottish theme to our wedding as my father is Scottish, however my fiance would like it to be red and white wedding. Is there any way I could have a Scottish theme but also keep my fiance happy?

A - A Scottish theme using red, white and bottle green is very appropriate. The use of bottle green as the main ingredient to your theme is recommended and you may wish to combine tartan ribbons incorporating red for serviettes and favours.

Q - I'm having my wedding reception in an atrium courtyard with a glass roof, and there is a lush green ornamental grapevine with fairy lights around the room, a large fountain and fishpond in the middle. The floor is cobblestoned brick. The colours I've chosen are lavender blue/purple and silver. Due to cost restrictions, I'm not having fresh floral centrepieces, but I'm wondering how to incorporate some silk flowers (sprayed silver), silk lavender and candles of some sort. Also the venue provides white linen tablecloths for their round tables but how can I add more blue-purple?

A - With regards to incorporating silver and lavender, I would suggest using a hurricane vase to sit the candle within and then scattering the lavender and silk flowers within and around the vase. The hurricane with protect the flame and work well within your atrium setting. With regards to using more purple and blue on your white table linen base, incorporate the colour within your accessories such as bonbonniere, favours, place cards or even wrapping your serviette with a ribbon.

Q - My sister is getting married on Easter Sunday. She is having a gerbera theme and for table center pieces was thinking floating gerberas in fishbowls. She is also scattering little easter eggs on the tables as gifts to the guests. Do you think scattering rose petals amoungst the easter eggs would be too much?

A - The most effective way of deciding if your theme will work is to actually create a visual set up of what you think your sister may have as a table centrepiece. I believe if you use pastel petals and miniature Easter Eggs this would be fine.

Q - I am having a marquee set up at home for our reception. My dress is ivory and my bridesmaids are in a deep plum. I am struggling to match the deep plum with stationery, the best man's tie etc. The marquee chair covers are white and so are the bows around them. I think it looks too stark and want to bring in another colour for the bows. What other colour can I bring in that's not going to clash with anything?

A - I would definitely suggest to bring in silver to complement your plum theme. You will find this much easier to match your theme. You can use silver sashes for your chair cover, a silver tie for your best man.

Q - My reception is at a winery with spectacular ocean views. I like the idea of having something very different. My first thoughts are a romantic 60s' theme. My bridal car is an old pink Thunderbird which I love. I would like my bridesmaids to be Audrey Hepburn inspired and myself a little Bridget Bardot. How can I tie all of this together for the actual reception theme?

A - The 60's was a classic yet hip era which experimented with colours. As you are having a pink thunderbird, perhaps the use of pastel tones such as pink, lemon and mint green could work. Within the reception, a Juke Box would set the theme as well as tulle, strips, or a black and white checkers.

Q - I am getting married in October in a beautiful verandah room overlooking the Brisbane river. It is old with a wooden bar, polished wooden floors and red velvet curtains. I am wearing a silver lace cocktail dress and am looking for a stylish wedding theme using silver and lilac. The tables are long and seat 10 guests. Are covered chairs with silver ribbons too over the top?

A - I would suggest chair covers to begin the transformation of your theme. I would select a white chair cover with a silver organza or satin sash. As you are using long trestle tables a sash runner in silver will help co-ordinate your theme. With regards to table settings use your theme flower (eg: tulip/lavender) and incorporate this flower into a long and low vase or flower arrangement. This will ensure your table centrepiece is not obstructive. You can also add accessories to enhance your theme. This might include items such as crystal or petal scatter, place cards and serviette holders.

Q - We are having a small wedding with only 25 to 30 guests. We are thinking of red and silver for our theme but am wondering our to decorate the room and tables. Any ideas?

A - With regards to your red and silver theme, I would suggest using a white with silver sash or a silver chair cover with a white sash. You could incorporate the silver onto the tables with an overlay, however the red should remain minimal but dramatic. The use of a red rose arrangment as a table centre would look great and even a single red petal on the serviette will work to blend your theme.

Q - We would like a Spanish/Latin theme for our wedding. We love Latin American music and dancing, and this will be a huge part of the reception. We are looking for some other ideas on how to incorporate this theme into both the ceremony and reception. We are not overly traditional and it is both our second marriage.

A - The use of red within the latin/Spanish theme symbolisies romance and this is generally complemented by black. I would suggest for a dramatic effect use black as a base for your table linen with a red satin runner or overlay as well as black chair covers with a red satin sash. A candelabra incoporating a lace fan and red roses would look great. In general your theme should be very rich with the use of deep red fabrics and roses.

Q - My fiance and I are thinking of having a V8 Supercar theme at our reception as we are both obsessed with V8's! Can you give us some ideas on how we can decorate the reception room? It's been especially difficult for us because my fiance loves Holdens and I love Fords - but we are worried the two colours will clash and be too overwhelming!

A - My forte is definitely not with V8 Supercars, however for a bit of fun why not divide the room - one side based on Ford, I imagine this would be blue and white, and the other side, Holden, I imagine this would be red and black. As bomboniere for your wedding guests, it might be an idea to give them Ford and Holden matchbox cars.

Q - My bridesmaids are wearing old style dresses from the 1920's and I was wondering what else I could do at the reception. What sort of decorations and bomboniere should I have to keep with the Old World theme?

A - For your 1920's theme, I would suggest a black and white theme with the use of tassles. The theme should be very simple and chic. The black and white will create a dramatic element and the use of a simple silver candelabra with tapered candles will complement this setting.

Q - My favourite colour is jade green and I always pictured having my bridesmaids dresses in this colour. I have been to a few weddings however featuring more traditional colours such as deep pinks and reds or gold and really liked the romantic warm feeling these colours gave. I would like to combine these more traditional colours with a bit of my own style. What colours would you suggest would compliment jade green? I thought hot pink but my fiance is not sold on the idea.

A - Jade green can work with a number of colourings. Lilacs and deep purples could work beautifully as well as shades of pink. Working with shades of colour within bouquets takes away any intensity, creating an even balance for your theme.

Q - We were originally having three different sized candles sitting on a round mirror, but have since found that it is either too hard to find three candles of similar width or they are too expensive. We are toying with the idea of gold heart scatters, which we already have, then tea light candles scattered through them on the length of the table. We are not sure if this will look cheap because most tealight candles have the silver bottom. Is it ok to paint these in our theme colours of blue and yellow?

A - I would suggest to definitely leave the tealight candles as they are with the silver cover, because once you light these, it is all reflective and you won't notice it. By painting them yellow and blue, you are attracting attention to them. Also the yellow and blue is likely to conflict with the gold glitter hearts. I must admit, I do like your original idea and even if you can use 3 x standard candles, 3"x3", you should be able to get away with it fairly cheaply and still use your gold glitter hearts.

Q - I am having my reception in a tavern. Our theme colours will be ivory, blue and yellow. Do you think these will work together?

A - Ivory, blue and yellow work very well together and you can definitely create a beautiful theme based on these colours.

Q - I live up in Darwin and have tossed and turned about a theme. I have now decided on romantic . My thoughts are deep red candles, small tea light ones in candles placed in front of each person, and a big pillar candle or two in the middle. I also want to incorporate red roses in the centrepiece as well. My problem is that my partner's favourite flower is the frangipani which I will most likely have as my bouquet, so I need to incorporate that as well. My partner suggested scattering frangipani petals on a deep red tablecloth around the rose centrepiece. Do you think this would work? I am also thinking of having miniture frangipani trees in various areas throughout the room. The napkins and tablesetting would be white as well.

A - You theme colours sound very dramatic and romantic. I believe it would look great to scatter a bed of red rose petals and loosely place the frangipanis over the petals or lay them on the serviettes. You can get various colours of frangipanis, one colour is called fruitsalad which has a red and orange tone to it and would work well within your theme.

Q - I am having difficulty deciding on colours for our wedding. I have always wanted a purple and silver theme, however my fiance's background is Scottish and he will be wearing a kilt in the family colours, which are green, red and a touch of yellow. I am wanting to know if you have any ideas about how I can put purple red and green together. I can do without silver but I would love the purple. Any suggestions?

A - Use a rich deep purple flower such as purple lysianthas and combine with beautiful deep red roses. With regards to the green, this could be achieved with the foilage of the flowers. You only need apply a hint of green, making purple and red the main colours.

Q - We have choosen to have our wedding reception at a country winery. My bridesmaids are wearing pale green check and the inside of the reception area is old railway sleepers and green. What is a good idea for the tables. At the moment they are just white linen and silverware. I'd like to keep it simple.

A - There are a number of simple decorating alternatives to compliment your theme. Firstly, if trestle tables are used within the venue, I would suggest to create table runners from the same green check fabric used for the bridesmaid dresses. These runners should be around 15cm wide by 2.5 long. You could then run glass tealight holders with a scatter of petals or theme flower used within the bouquets. This will create consistency with your theme and the candle light will soften the overall effect. Alternatively, a simple glass fish bowl or recycled timber box featuring your theme flowers could look quite elegant. You could also place a checked ribbon around the bowl to co-ordinate within your theme.

Q - I am having trouble deciding on table decorations. The colours we are using are red and gold. I am having chair covers with gold ties.

A - I am assuming you are having white chair covers with gold ties. If you are looking for a classic theme, a gold florist candelabra with red floral arrangment could look sensational with red rose petal scatters. A gold table overlay will also enhance your theme. If you are looking for something a little more contemporary, floating candle bowls or hurricane shades with red roses could also look special.

Q - We are holding a lunch time wedding ceremony and reception onboard a boat. The company are only supplying white tableclothes. Do you have any suggestions on how best to decorate & theme the two areas so that they tie in together but without being too fussy?

A - As your wedding is during the day, you may wish to concentrate on the use of floral rather than candles. It sounds like you are after a theme which offers a fresh, clean and rather simple but elegant feel. Vases with flowers always look great and provide a contemporary elegance. If you have a theme flower, this should be featured within your centrepeices thus complimenting your bouquet.

Q - I am getting married and will be wearing ivory. I would love my three bridesmaids to each wear a different colour (say yellow, pink and a green or blue) but wondered if this was a bit naff? The idea would be to use the same colours with my flowers, originally I was thinking a mixture of frangipannis and lilies, and very basic decorations, all based around the flowers and colours.

A - Your rainbow coloured theme is great. One wedding I went to the bridesmaids wore hot pink, yellow, lime green, turquoise blue and orange and it looked stunning together, each bridesmaid wearing a theme colour. The wedding flowers for each bridesmaid consisted of pink, orange and yellow roses in a tight bouquet and these three colours were used with a base colour of cream throughout the theme. The overall concept was amazing. My advice is to go with your instinct. Word of advice regarding frangipanis - they are a difficult flower to keep looking fresh throughout the day, so I would probably stick to lilies.

Q - I am looking for any DIY ideas for a garden wedding.

A - DIY decorations are a great idea. However, firstly you need to establish your theme, such as your colours and style, and then progress from this step. For a garden wedding, you could prepare white garden poles linked with beautiful satin ribbon to form the isle. Petals are a great option also. For a wedding reception, it is important to determine if you would like flowers, candlelight, vases etc for your centrepieces. Flowers could be floating in a bowl, placed in a vase, or made as an arrangement. Candles could compliment flowers or work as a central feature around petals or river pebbles. In general you can almost do anything yourself as long as you feel confident with the task at hand and it will not create extra pressure for you on your wedding day.

Q - We have booked a reception venue and the price includes white chair covers with gold bows, gold candles as table centrepieces - basically a lot of gold! What colours can I put with this to tie everything in?

A - Gold lends itself to many colours such as pinks, creams, burnt orange etc. However you specify there is quite a lot of gold, so I would be inclined to tone this down a little with creams and green foliage. This will continue the warmth, but add freshness to your theme.

Q - I am having a summer wedding but my bridesmaids are wearing latte and a small amount of chocolate brown. I wanted to use either chocolate brown or latte organza runners on the rectangle tables. Our main table decoration is boxes of wheat grass along with candles. Very plain and simple. Do you think that is too dark for summer?

A - The colour selection you have chosen is quite warm and the boxes of wheat grass will blend. The tones are quite mono, however the shades of latte, chocolate brown and the golden wheat grass will provide dimension. The centrepieces are quite distinct and look best on their own, otherwise I would suggest to incorporate a soft pink to compliment the brown tones, (but this would provide a different theme concept). Wheat is a symbol of prosperity and whilst it may be a simple concept, its meaning is very strong "prosper in love".

Q - I have been asked to design a theme for the bridal wedding table and I assume this design would be carried through to the guest tables but simpler. The theme is autum but the bride wants yellow roses for her flowers.

A - Autumn has a beautiful selection of warm tones, yellows, reds, burnt orange, bronze etc. I would imagine combining these colours into the theme whether it be with roses and berries with golden foliage or with simple petal scatters with the warmth of candle light. An example for the bridal table could be a central cascading floral arrangement combining red, yellow and orange. There is a beautiful burnt orange rose named leonadis that you might want to consider incorporating into your decorations and as mentioned berries and warm foliage would enhance this warm autumn tones. You could also combine pillar candles within the arrangement or either side of the arrangement.

Q - The wedding venue we have chosen for the reception do not allow candles, even tealight candles. I did want to have fresh flowers in a vase as a centrepiece and then place this on a mirror with tealight candles at each point. Do you have any suggestions that could help us out? I would also love my bridesmaids to be in rainbow colours.

A - The concept of candles is always nice for weddings and creates a beautiful atmosphere. However there are also many ways to create beauty without candlelight. Concentrate on your flower theme focusing on one particular feature flower within your venue. For example if roses are your theme, mass petal scatters for the guest, gift, bridal and cake tables could create the desired effect. Particularly if you are considering rainbow coloured bridesmaid dresses, roses could look amazing. You could also theme each table one different colour.

With regards to selecting rainbow colours, the best colour selection for this is pink, orange, yellow, lime green and turquoise. Ask your bridesmaids which colour they prefer. To ensure you as the bride don't becoming the shrinking violet and become lost amongst all this colour, keep the bridesmaids dresses simple and yours a little more elaborate.

Q - I am having a morning ceremony then a lunch time reception on an island, under a marquee, in summer. I would like a strong floral or similar motive that I can carry through everything, from the invitations, to my bouquet, to table decorations and bonboniere. I had Chinese pistacia branches and leaves, like mini maple leaves, scattered on the table at my engagement party, and place cards made with interwoven leaves. I would appreciate any other suggestions along a garden party theme.

A - Popular theme summer flowers which are used frequently are

- frangipanis (available december - april)
- oriental lilies (available all year round)
- peoni roses (available november/december)
- hydrangers (available december - april)

For a garden party, I would be inclined to use whites/creams/pastel pink and mauve colours with lush green foliage. These flowers could all work beautifully for bouquets, centrepieces, within a serviette, invitations, within your bridesmaids hair etc.

Q - I would love to have a autumn themed wedding but am at a complete loss! As we are getting married in the country I was also hoping to be able to incorporate this as well.

A - For your country, autumn theme, you should try to incorporate earth and rust tones and compliment these tones with soft greens. You can then utilise these colours within your invitations, bridesmaid dresses, floral bouquets and table decorations. Try to choose two main colours and then work with these colours to build your theme. Deciduous seedlings would be a nice idea for bomboniere or dried leaves with your guest's names would also be a great idea as a substitute for placecards.

Q - The gardens we have chosen do not have suitable under cover space if it is raining. What type of wet weather equipment are usually used if its raining? I realise a marque can be used, is a flooring required?

A - A marquee or pagoda would be the most appropriate wet weather shelter. Flooring is not essential, however if used, will provide more comfort for guests and less moisture in the event of heavy rain.

Q - We are having our ceremony and reception at home. We live on small acreage, the ceremony will be held in our little orchard, the reception in our barn style shed. Our theme country/bush wedding. Can you suggest any ideas, and where to look for anything that will compliment our theme?

A - As a country, bush theme, I would suggest to concentrate on a native flower theme. Wattle is in season at this time of year and you could really do something quite special which offers a little bit of character. For example you could use bowls and cover these with hessian and within the bowl place a loose arrangement of wattle. Gumnuts tied with ribbon around each serviette could also look great. Alternatively could you do a mixed native arrangement within a box covered in paperbark which features a single candle in the centre of the arrangement.

Q - We are having a banquet with platters of food served at each table and therefore due to table space are unable to have centrepieces. We have toyed with ideas such as:
- scattered petals (but then also want something to give height/dimension)
- tall candelabras/topiary flowers with small base (but then guests vision is obstructed)
- scattered tea candles (but may pose risk of burning guests as they reach for food)

I would love candles & flowers and scattered petals but am having trouble finding a workable solution.

A - I think it may be best to try and source a florist candelabra. These are tall candelabras (approx 80cm high) which will not obstruct the view of guests. These would be perfect as they would take minimal space on the tables and will provide the candle light and floral display you are wishing to use. You could also scatter the petals on the table to create some colour balance to your theme. Another suggestion would be the use of candlesticks, which again would not take up minimal room on your guest tables.

Q - We've just decided on an October ceremony among the vines of a local vineyard with the reception in the restaurant at the winery. The winery is out of town (about 45 mins) and in the bush. Could you suggest a theme fitting with the location, and colours for bridesmaids, flowers and ideas for invitations and table decorations?

A - A wedding amongst the vines of a vineyard...I imagine Tuscany and the colour tones which come to mind are maroon/purple, brown and green. I would really concentrate on incorporating grapes into your theme and having them feature within the table decorations. For example you could utilise a candelabra and wrap grape vine around the stem and feature grapes cascading down. With regards to invitations, aged paper would look great or you could always print your own invitation label on a bottle of wine! With regards to floral bouquets for your bridesmaids, I am imagining deep purple dresses or shades of purple. Based on these colours I would suggest a posy of roses in tones of champagne, purple and maroon.

Q - I'm thinking of a 1930's theme for my wedding. I am needing help with ideas on dresses, cars, stationery and gifts. The reception will be held in an Italian restaurant in the Rocks Sydney.

A - With so much emphasis on fashion themes in the 1920's & 40's, I was a little confused as to what the 1930's offered for fashion. So after some research, I had a clear idea that fashion in the 1930's was very cool and sleek. Evening dresses were long and luxurious usually bias cut and draped past the floor. Colours such as maroon, black, brown and navy were frequently used during the 30's, however in the late 1930's the decade saw every colour imaginable including "shocking pink". Finger waved hair, costume jewellery, strappy evening shoes with open toes also seemed to be the rage. With regards to cars, the vintage roadsters seemed to be most prominent during the 1930's.

I would keep invitations quite simplistic (eg: white square card with heavy coloured satin ribbon tied in a knot) and a good idea for gifts for guests would be a simple small pewter frame which can act as place cards for the guests. I portray the 1930's as very classy yet understatedly hip. If you would like to do more research, the web is a great source of information.

Q - Can you recommend a substitute for Chair Covers - they look great but for a wedding on a budget the hire charge is so expensive. The chairs supplied by the reception are green with multicoloured fabrics. My theme is sunset and seaside.

A - A substitute for chaircovers which is less expensive may prove difficult to find. A suggestion would be to use sashes only and wrap these around each chair. However, as the chairs at the function venue are multi-coloured, I believe the best advice I can offer is not to draw attention to them and leave the chairs undressed.

Q - Our wedding is to have an oriental theme during summer. My dress is pale pink and mint green with no wedding party. What colours would you suggest for decorating a marquee? We have 4 Thai silk tableclothes in different colours we would like to use somehow (gold, blue, green and purple). Would this color mix be too much to use or could it work?

A - When incorporating more than two colours for a theme, you need to ensure that the colours selected compliment each other. The use of gold, blue, green and purple will work well together as a whole, but suggest you feature these colours individually on each table to create concentrated colour. Gold could be used as a secondary colour to the tables to provide highlight. Around the marquee you could feature the same colour fabric panels using Thai Silk (2-3 panels per side). These fabric panels could then feature as stunning backdrops for simple vases of fresh oriental lilies. With these vibrant colours it is important to remember that less is more. My suggestion would be to concentrate colour mainly to the tables and if you are considering chair covers, keep these quite simple (eg white to compliment the lining of the marquee).

Q - We are thinking of having a "Casino" theme for our wedding, with men coming in pin-stripe suits and women dressing up to the nines! Can you give us some decorating suggestions? We would love to incorporate cards, dice, chips etc.

A - Wow, a Casino theme sounds great! Colours which come to mind are the roulette colours, red, black, white or gangster casino being black and white. I think you could achieve a really stylish look with a gangster casino setting. I would suggest a black base for the chair covers with a white satin sash together with black table linen and white china. As a centrepiece you could incorporate a roulette table with chips, dice etc. As place cards and invitations you could use the ace of spades to tie in this colour theme. Another suggestion for table numbers would be to use Casino names (eg: Jupiters, Star City, Crown etc).

Q - My reception centre offers a basic silver candelabra with three arms, however I would like to jazz the tables up a little. We are now on a very tight budget so were hoping you had some inexpensive suggestions?

A - Table scatters such as fresh petals, fragranced timber curls and crystals are just a few options which are relatively inexpensive, but work well to lift a theme. Another suggestion would be to soften the candelabra by wrapping fresh ivy and placing a few fresh flowers (eg: roses, gerbras or lilies) within the ivy.

Q - We are having an autumn wedding and love bright colours. The mix of pink and red appeals to me as does tropicals – foliage, lilies and orchids. Can you offer any advice on whether these combinations will work?

A - Your description lends itself to a tropical/oriental theme which could look amazing. The colours red and pink work beautifully together and I often use these colours when theming weddings. You can create a great table centrepiece using tropical large leaf foliage, river pebbles, candles with a flicker of red and pink petals. You could also use large glass vases for tropical floral arrangements for the ceremony which can then be transported to the venue to provide a stunning feature within the room. With so many theming options, it is certainly difficult ascertaining which option works best for your wedding. My advice would be to elimate which options do not work for you (eg: classic, contemporary, fairytale) and then build on this.

Q - My reception allows for a small three prong candelabra, however you cannot incorporate flowers on it. Do you have some suggestions of how to use these candelabra's yet still have flowers or something else on the oval tables?

A - There are a number of options we could provide to add floral colour to your guest tables and still use the candelabra provided by your venue. For example, a thick scatter of petals to feature around the candelabra with sunken thick pillar candles on either side of the candelabra would create a simplistic yet elegant feature. If you are having a trestle table for the bridal table you could feature two candelabras at the ends and run a thick line of petals with pillar candles sunken into the petals. This would compliment the guest tables beautifully and allow your bridal table to be a central feature. Another suggestion would be to have a floral wreath at the base of the candelabra. You could then scatter sparkling crystals around the wreath or perhaps votive candles (approximately 2 either side).

Q - I am having a Spring wedding and am having difficulty in deciding on a theme. Colours such as white and gold are popular but I would like something a little different, but with a modern elegance.

A - Themes are usually co-ordinated around colours selected for bridesmaids dresses and stationery. As a general rule of thumb, your theme should incorporate a maximum of two colours, plus a base colour of white or ivory. As a "spring" bride, pastel colours such as soft pink and lilac are always popular as well as shades of green. These colours will successfully capture the modern elegance you are trying to achieve. Most importantly, your theme should be personal, reflecting you and your fiance.

Q - We would like to have a medieval wedding but have no idea about theming, can you help?

A - Medieval weddings can incorporate gold, burgundy with either a white or black base. The colours should be rich and dark in texture, complementing your old world theme. With regard to your theme work with two main colours and your base colour (ie black or white). Gold candelabras will also provide a great effect within your room decoration.

Q - We are having a Medieval theme including Handfasting as my fiance is Wiccan/Druid. Our colour scheme will incorporate purple with a splash of burgundy/deep scarlet (in keeping with Wiccan tradition) with ivory or white to off-set these brighter shades. I am thinking of using wild flowers with green foliage for bouquets and head pieces. Wicca is based on a nature belief system: the four elements of water, earth, wind and fire, as well as the Spirit. Do you have any decorating suggestions that we could use which would be in keeping with this belief system and also lend itself to include an aura of romanticism?

A - To combine the four elements of your medieval theme incorporating wiccan beliefs, I would suggest the obvious use of candlelight which can be part of your table centrepiece (eg: floating candle bowl or hurricane shade). This would also introduce water. I would also incoporate a wreath of wild flowers and green foliage. With regards to incorporating purple into your theme, I would suggest complementing this colour with gold or black.


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