So breaking tradition is officially ok now that it's been done by the latest fave royal lovebirds Harry and Meghan.

Now that we've had some time to pore over the big day in detail, it's time to share the trends we expect to see repeated in regular, rather than regal, weddings everywhere.

Natural bouquets

meghans bouquet

We reckon picking a few wildflowers to add to your bouquet is an inspired idea. We loved that Harry added flowers from their own garden to Meghan's bouquet.  

If you are planning on picking a few from your neighbours or from the park across the street,  just get permission before you start scaling any picket fences. 

Our suggestion is to plant something around your engagement, whether it be flowers, succulents or some kind of exotic grass and include a stem in your bouquet or button hole hand picked by each of you the morning of your wedding.

The stunning arrangement contained forget-me-nots - the Princess of Wales' favourite flowers - along with stems hand picked by Harry from their private garden at Kensington Palace. 

  • Astilbe : Meaning 'I will be waiting for you' or 'I'll still be waiting', symbolizing patience and dedication
  • Lily of the Valley : Symbolises sweetness and the return of happiness. It is also the birth flower of May the month they married.
  • Astrantia : Symbolises strength, courage and protection.
  • Forget-me-nots : Diana's favourite flower
  • Myrtle : A royal custom going back to the reign of Victoria
  • Sweet peas : Meaning 'delicate or blissful pleasure'

Boys wearing wedding bands

the royal wedding ring exchange

Ah Harry. Bucking the tradition among royal grooms again, this time by opting to wear his wedding ring. This is a trend we think most brides will be hoping rubs off.

After all, if it's good enough for military tough guy Harry, it must be good enough for....?

Minimal make-up

Meghans wedding makeup

Ok so Meghan wearing minimal - or very professional natural-looking - hair and make-up isn't quite the same as the rest of us trying to achieve her flawless look...she does have a pretty good canvas to start with...but we can sure try.

We certainly hope the idea of looking like the best version of your natural self - rather
than someone else - is a trend that's here to stay.

Bearded grooms - hairy Harry style

It's been a long time since there's been a bearded groom at a royal wedding, but at hipster weddings here in Australia it's something we're pretty used to seeing. Still, for those whose parents are suggesting clean shaven is the only way to go on the big day, a nod in Harry's direction certainly won't hurt.

Tiaras are back

While her dress wasn't particularly ‘princess-y', Meghan's glitzy tiara told a different story, opening the door again to tiaras and glittering headbands for brides everywhere.

And here at, we're pretty excited. After all, there aren't many occasions it's ok to don a tiara, so let's make the most of it.

A solo stroll down the aisle

royal wedding aisle

While she only walked herself half way down the aisle (and the rest of us don't have a Prince Charles in waiting), and though the reason was all sorts of Daddy drama, we still think Meghan's solo stroll was superb.

No doubt her courage and confidence will help other brides feel empowered to do the same. She's changing the game...

Simple (and comfy) wedding dresses

With its beautiful bateau neckline and lack of embellisment, Meghan's wedding dress was simple, sleek and, dare we say it, comfortable. Or at least it looked that way.

Showing that it's just as chic to add a touch of glitz through your tiara, or romance in the veil, minimalist dresses will be the next big thing. You can take that to the bank.

Deconstructed cakes

deconstructed wedding cakes

Forgoing the fussy fruit wedding cake tradition, Meghan and Harry's deconstructed lemon and elderflower wedding cake with its perfectly imperfect icing and adornment was just the thing for a country style affair, and we expect to see it replicated...everywhere.

Even better, you can dish it up for dessert. Two birds, one stone...all that.

Gospel choirs

They mightn't be super easy to track down outside North America, but we think plenty of people will be trying at least in the short term.

Adding a soulful element to your wedding ceremony music, especially if you're tying the knot in church, we expect google searches for gospel choirs up for hire will go through the roof (and if you find any fab ones, let us know!)

No bridesmaids to steal the show!

Having trouble choosing between your sister, cousins and friends to be your bridesmaids? Then don't.

Channel your inner Meghan and choose young relatives or friends' children instead. They look super cute, are less likely to fuss about their outfits, and there shouldn't be any competition over who's the boss. 

Horse-drawn carriages

While Harry and Meghan hopped into their horse-drawn carriage to do a lap of Windsor after saying ‘I do', we're predicting the popularity of horse and carriage rides will go even further.

From arriving at the ceremony to departing to making a grand entrance into or exit from the reception, expect to see more of our fave four-legged friends.

If you happen to be getting married in a country town with a pretty-as-a- picture village nearby, then go the whole hog and take a spin through the streets and practice your royal wave to your heart's content.

You only live once, right?

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