Dress Code: Rich colours with gold.

moroccan wedding theme dress

Wedding Invitation: A rich colour with gold leaf print. Include your names written on the front of the invitation in Arabic.

moroccan wedding theme dressmoroccan wedding theme dress

The Wedding Reception Venue: A tent style white marquee if the obvious choice or in a room of solid walls drape breezy fabrics from the ceiling and walls. Fill the reception rooms with beautiful bright large coloured cushions and rugs for your guests to sit on and enjoy pre-dinner drinks or if you don't think your guests will mind for the entire wedding feast.

moroccan wedding theme dressmoroccan wedding theme dress

Decorations: Hang lanterns from the ceiling, scatter large coloured pillows on rugs and burn incense around the room.

moroccan wedding theme dressmoroccan wedding theme dress

Centrepieces: Floral arrangements that includes incense sticks and jewelled candles on mosaic candle holders or stained glass lanterns. Several stained glass or mosaic jars with a tea light inside on the wedding guest tables may be all you need inside a decorated rooms of fabrics.

moroccan wedding theme dressmoroccan wedding theme

Hire: Having a white marque is also a lovely added extra to keep in with the theme and adding lanterns hanging from the ceiling.

moroccan wedding theme dressmoroccan wedding theme dress

Entertainment: Try booking a Belly Dancer, this will certainly make your guests get up and want to join in on all the fun.

moroccan wedding theme belly dancer

Bomboniere Ideas: Beautifully packaged incense sticks or candles in decorated tea glasses

moroccan wedding theme

Beverages: Serve mint juleps as a pre dinner drink and mint tea drunk out of decorated moroccan tea glasses

moroccan wedding theme moroccan wedding theme

Wedding Food: Spicy Moroccan tagines using saffron, chillies, coriander and cumin and plates of cous cous.

moroccan wedding theme tagine


Q - We are thinking about adding a Moroccan influence to our wedding, Moroccan combined with Jewish traditional theme, using a chuppah etc. What would you suggest?

A - You can create a Moroccan theme into your wedding by introducing the colour tones of reds, oranges, yellows, blues.

Stained or recycled glass lanterns, mosaic candle holders, coloured candles and fabric drapes could work fabulously. One or all of these could all be used whilst still maintaining your traditional jewish ceremony

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