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One of the biggest changes to weddings over the past 10 years is the expression of creativity and personality of the bride and groom through a wedding theme. So how you do come up with one and where do you go from there:

1. What's Your Personal Style

A wedding theme should remain personal and reflect the individual style and taste of the bride and groom.

2. Your Favourite Things

A wedding theme can be designed using the couples favourite colours, flowers, decoration or even a favourite location.

3. Find a Motif

A wedding theme can be designed based on a decorative element or wedding motif such as butterflies, stars or hearts and they can be designed on a cultural or historical element such as Chinese, Hawaiian or Medieval. 

4. Multicultural

Cultural wedding themes are a good idea if you are marrying into a family from a different cultural background. Take the best of both cultures, being respectful towards any rituals and symbols you might include in your wedding.

For example Euro-Asian wedding can use a dramatic combination of colours, red and gold or hot pink and silver. For the decorations think bamboo, river pebbles, paper lanterns, fans or silks. You might hold a Tea Ceremony and involve the parents of the bride and groom in a spiritual way.

5. Fashion Era

The use of fashion to epitomize an era is another wedding theme idea. It may be a simple, subtle reflection made obvious in the style of your wedding dress and bridesmaids dresses, or you can go all the way have your wedding guests dress from that era.

A 1920's wedding might might see you in a flapper style wedding dress with lots of beading and a cloche hat. The band you choose will play tunes from the 20's while your wedding guests dance the Charleston.

6. Location

The location of your wedding and the wedding venue itself can inspire you to a particular wedding theme. It may be a beach side wedding venue, a wedding venue in the country or a grand hotel city ballroom built and decorated in the style of the 1920's.

Expert Tip :

When deciding on a wedding theme, don't mix and match your themes. To make the right impact choose a theme and stick to it.

Level Of Formality

Firstly establish the level of formality, the colours you want to include if any, and motif, if you choose to include one.

Will you have a formal, traditional wedding with engraved wedding invitations addressed in the correct manner according to wedding etiquette with all your wedding guests in morning suit, black or white tie?

Or will your wedding be less formal with your wedding guests wearing cool linen shirts as you exchange your vows on the beach.

Wedding Colours

When deciding on a colour for your wedding, choose one or two colours with a base of white or black. If you are a rainbow bride make sure the colours you choose don't clash and sit well in harmony together.

If you want brights try hot pink, lemon-yellow, lime-green, turquoise blue and citrus orange or for more subdued look use the same bright colour but tone it down in a softer, pastel tone.

Expert Tip:

If you are having bridesmaids in bold or multicoloured dresses make sure you, as the bride aren't the shrinking violet. Keep the bridesmaids dresses simple if they are in eye catching, bright colours and your wedding dress more elaborate.

The Wedding Motif

The wedding motif, if you choose to have one, becomes more a logo, symbolic of your wedding.

A wedding motif, can be carried throughout every element of your wedding, in the artwork on your wedding stationey, the decoration on the guests tables or on  your wedding cake.

You might choose starfish or sea horses if you are beach lovers, or a butterfly, dove or a rose for a garden wedding, or bells, bows or hearts.

Alternatively design your own personal monogram, this works well for more formal weddings and can become your family insigna.

Drop The Hint

The wedding invitation will be the first hint to your wedding guests of your wedding day.

The colours in the ink, the formality of the address, the colours and the adornments on your wedding invitations will set the scene and prepare your wedding guests with anticipation for your wedding day.

Find a wedding stylist to help put your wedding theme together.

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