While there will always be a place for pretty pastels and rustic romantic wedding décor, this year we're seeing a seismic shift with bold colour, insects, industrial venues, geometric and laser-cut designs and woodland or boho themes all popular décor ideas for up-to-the-minute weddings.

Neon Signs

Neon sign light wedding decor

David Campbell

A loud and lairy alternative to the Hollywood-style light boxes of late, we're starting to see neon signs popping up at weddings all over the place.

Whether you choose a custom word or phrase, your initials, the date, your new surname or your nicknames, there are a tonne of fun ways to go nuts with neon.

A green aisle

Green Modern aisle Wedding FlowersGreen Modern aisle Wedding Flowers

Megan Welker |  Anna Roussos

Move over bustles and bows, step aside flowers, potted plants are the new favourite dressing up fashion-forward aisles in 2018.

Whether you opt for delicate orchids down the aisle in church, bushy shrubs for a barn-style wedding or fantastic faux foliage (the range available these days is realistic and reasonably-priced), green demands to be seen en route to say ‘I Do'.

Dark and Moody

dark and moody wedding decor

Cassie Rosch

Go beyond pretty pastels and chic white and embrace a darker, moodier colour scheme, such as burgundy and royal navy, forest green and charcoal, aubergine and pale grey, or emerald and black.

Especially suited to autumn and winter weddings, mix these beautiful, broody colours with old gold and brass accents and rich textured velvet for a to-die-for dramatic look.

Laser-cut love

Laser cut wedding decorLaser cut wedding decor

Meg Perotti

From laser-cut wooden wedding signs and decorative shapes to acrylic place cards and laser-cut table linens, precision cut patterns are here to stay in a big way in 2018.

Check out our Pinterest inspo aplenty.

Insect inspo

bug diy butterfly wedding decorBee Decor wedding food table

Carolien and Ben | Elayne Dunn Photography

From butterfly-bedecked stationery to beetle-topped cookies to dragonflies on tablecloths, we're seeing cute critters popping up in the strangest places.

Picture delicate designs on dinner plates, or metallic bumble-bees on placecards and menus with honeypots for bomboniere....we just can't imagine cockroaches making the cut any time soon.

Urban spaces

Warehouse Urban Wedding venueWarehouse Urban Wedding venue

The Robertsons Aneta Mak Photo

An alternative to the beloved outdoor wedding, or traditional function venue, this year we'll be seeing couples seek out urban, edgy, industrial spaces, such as converted warehouses, as a blank canvas to create a unique and modern wedding mood.

The living bar

living bar wedding decorliving bar wedding decor

Brett Heidebrecht

Fresh way to inject greenery into any reception space is via a ‘living bar'.

Think of it as a vertical garden encasing a traditional bar and becoming a gorgeous, lush, living part of the décor, as well as an artful addition to your colour palette.

Pair with rustic rattan stools, bright, bold plastic bar stools or edgy chrome swivel chairs...depending on your wedding theme.

New Age

celestial themed wedding crystal table decorcelestial themed wedding star decor

 Lauren Pretorius Photography

Whether its celestial-themed décor - think starry decorations hanging overhead and astrological symbols on stationery - or natural crystals scattered on tabletops, weddings are getting spiritual, and starry-eyed, in 2018.

Crochet and macramé accessories add a boho element.

Woodland romance

Woodland theme weddingWoodland theme wedding


Moving on from the rustic barn wedding of the past couple of years, woodland weddings add a fairytale element, with piles of greenery (moss, lush ferns, willows), huge wildflower bouquets and centrepieces crafted from arranging flowers, ivy, branches and more from oversized candelabras or chandeliers. 

Chocolate bark and soil pop up in secret garden themed desserts and velvet armchairs or a dusty red carpet entry wouldn't be out of place.

Vibrant Violet

ultra vibrant violet table setting wedding decorationultra vibrant violet table setting wedding decoration

Joe Maldea | Sephory Photography

With Ultra Violet announced as Pantone's 2018 Colour of the Year, we'd be re-miss not to include it on the list.

The question is: how to include it?

Flowers, bridesmaids' shoes, jars and candles, table runners or - a vivid violet dessert bar - are all options to add a bit of this year's brand new hue.

Still crushing on velvet

velvet chair wedding decorvelvet table runner decor

Blush & Mint Photography | Laura Goldenberger

We've been going ga-ga for velvet in interior décor in recent years, and now we're seeing our plush crush make its way into weddings.

A luxe option for armchairs for the bride and groom, table runners, winter bridesmaids' dresses, napkin edging or in chic curtains in a dramatic reception venue, mixed with old metallics it's and moody tones it's always a winner.

Go Geometric

geometric table decor weddinggeometric table decor wedding

Trisha Shelley Photography | Heather Roth Photography

Moving on from flowers and motifs, geometrics are the new shape for switched-on weddings.

From octagons on table linen to triangular altars, square lamps and patterned place cards and menus, it's an edgy look best suited to modern, urban-style affairs.

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