Bring the splendor and culture of 5000 years to your wedding day with an amazing Asian themed wedding. Have fun with this theme and open yourselves up to the rich cultures our Eastern neighbours provide.

Asian Wedding Invitations

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Eastern-inspired weddings are glorious in colour and style. Chinese weddings in particular, are a stand out for their widespread use of everything red, a colour which signifies love, joy and prosperity. Besides the formal wedding gown, invitations and favours are often red with gold accents, and the couple's families deck out their homes in spectacular shades of red for the big day too.

Asian inspired wedding colours include reds, pinks and gold to represent happiness and success. Other colours to think about include blues, turquoise, greens, oranges or purples and always against a base of black.

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Richly coloured fabrics in heavy silks can be hung to decorate the walls of a marquee or as runners on the guest tables. Decorations and centrepieces may include bamboo, river pebbles, decorative asian paper or silk umbrellas, fans, lanterns with tea lights and lush green foliage for a tropical feel.

Wedding flowers may feature oriental lillies, bonsai, floating lillies or lotus flowers.

Bomboniere such as bonsai, fans, fortune cookies, asian lollies in chinese takeaway boxes or boxed gifts wrapped in decorative Japanese furoshikis.

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Questions from our members:

Q - My fiance is from China, I am Australian. We are thinking of gold and red (red meaning fortune in China). What are your suggestions?

A - The combination of Eastern and Western culture is very dramatic and looks amazing particularly with the use of red and gold. Beautiful oriental satin runners would complement a red tablecloth and gold chair covers with this combination would look amazing. For your centrepiece include bamboo, river pebbles, fans or even lanterns.

Q - We are having an autumn wedding and love bright colours. The mix of pink and red appeals to me as does tropicals – foliage, lilies and orchids. Can you offer any advice on whether these combinations will work?

A - Your description lends itself to a tropical/oriental theme which could look amazing. The colours red and pink can work beautifully together. You can create a great table centrepiece using tropical large leaf foliage, river pebbles, candles with a flicker of red and pink petals.

You could also use large glass vases for tropical floral arrangements for the ceremony which can then be transported to the venue to provide a stunning feature within the room.

Q - I am having a daytime wedding reception overlooking a beach. I would like to have an asian/beach theme. I had the idea of origami for invitaions, frangipanis and floating candles in bowls and noodle boxes for place settings.

A - You are creating a really nice balance using a beach/oriental theme. Your description is not over the top. Origami is a great embellishment to wedding invitations. Your centrepiece and place settings will be a gorgeous way to include the beach element of the wedding day. You could also try including lush green exotic foliage and bamboo throughout the room for a more tropical feel.

Q - Our wedding is to have an oriental theme during summer. What colours would you suggest for decorating a marquee? We have 4 Thai silk tableclothes in different colours we would like to use somehow (gold, blue, green and purple). Would this colour mix be too much to use or could it work?

A - When incorporating more than two colours for a theme, you need to ensure that the colours selected complement each other. The use of gold, blue, green and purple will work well together as a whole, but feature these colours individually on each table. Use these colours with gold or silver (but not both) as a secondary colour.

Around the marquee you could feature the same colour fabric panels using Thai Silk (2-3 panels per side). These fabric panels could then feature as stunning backdrops for simple vases of fresh oriental lilies. My suggestion would be to concentrate colour mainly to the top of the table and if you are considering chair covers, keep these a simple white to match the lining of the marquee.

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