We all know wedding trends come and go, but here are eight trends brides and wedding planners love to hate.

8. Disney themed wedding

Far be it from others to get between a couple and their childhood dreams!!! Not everyone can pull off the snow white bridesmaid gown with a puff sleeve, but this couple did and didn't hold back on anything - that's why we love to hate this theme!

Disney Ariel Themed Bride And Groom

Disney Ariel Themed Bride And Father Of The Bride

Disney Themed Bridesmaids

7. Awkward framed wedding favours

Your friends love you, they’re happy you’re getting married, but they don’t want an awkward framed wedding photo of you as a keepsake. If you need inspiration on wedding favours, we've got 77 wonderful wedding favour ideas.  

If you really want a kitsch frame, then theme it to your wedding and include a super kitsch photo of yourselves.

Shoe Framed Images

6. Bridesmaid proposals

It’s all very pretty, but these days we’re beginning to think you can’t ask your BFF to be your bridesmaid without a flash mob, a hand carved box, the Hope Diamond and a strand of unicorn hair.

If budget is tight, go for a box of her favourite things or save all your money. A simple heart felt letter as to why you want her by your side on the most incredible day of your life is just as powerful!

Maid Of Honor Kit

5. Toothy garter removal - hands not teeth!

Please refrain. It’s awkward for everyone, not just granny in the corner. Not to mention, your wedding album will be polluted by a series of weird photos of the groom with his head under your skirt.

Garter Removal

4.  Paper straws

Yes yes yes they look freaking adorable and they’re so hip right now, not to mention that they are way better for the environment than their plastic sisters. But have you ever tried to drink out of one of these things? Paper and water don’t mix. 

Leave a more ethical bamboo straw as bomboniere!

Paper Straws

3. Balloon releases

It’s rather lovely and very dramatic, but in the interests of seals, whales and the ozone layer, we really urge you to refrain from letting go of balloons to celebrate your love or at anytime really.

Balloon Release

2. Animal Centrepieces 

Putting aside the animal cruelty factor, a study by the University of Plymouth found goldfish have a three month memory span.

No goldfish wants to spend three months remembering your intoxicated wedding guests staring at it, tapping the glass and slow dancing to ‘The Way You Look Tonight’.

Animal Centrepieces

1. Bride on fire

The trashing the dress photo can be fun and we know everyone wants to pretend to be Katniss Everdeen, but please do NOT set fire to your wedding dress.

Apart from looking awkwardly like you’re desperately trying to replace your new husband with the first firefighter you meet, it’s incredibly dangerous. Brides have died.

We will never forget when news came through of one gorgeous bride Maria Pantazopoulos who drowned during a trash the dress photo shoot.  There are countless close calls as other who brides leap into beaches in their wedding gown.

Go for a nice splash of paint, or frolic in the mud instead. Or forget the trash the dress concept altogether and donate your dress to charity.

Bride Wedding Dress On Fire

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