These days it can be tough to come up with something fresh and fabulous when planning your wedding - the trends move that quickly - but we've hunted high and low to bring you the latest ideas and inspiration to ensure your day is as unique as it is memorable - you can thank us later.

1. Brave New Bars

Unique Bike Bar

The options to express your creative concepts are virtually endless when it comes to setting up a bar - from champagne to tequila to milk and cookies for a late night indulgence - and the web is awash with dreamy pictures which will have the ideas coming thick and fast. 

On the housekeeping front, ensure everything runs smoothly by having someone (or a number of someone's) re-stocking the bar regularly, and to avoid a bottleneck (and thirsty guests), make sure you set up your divine drinks station away from the entrance (if indoors).

2. Fifty Shades Of Bridesmaid

Bride, Groom And Bridesmaids

Ok so this is not an entirely new one, but stylish brides are finding new ways to re-invent the idea and we're still loving it. Whether you opt for different shades of the one colour - let's call it the ombre effect - going from light to dark lavender, pale to bright coral or ice blue to sapphire it's a gorgeous take on doing different but the same.

Another alternative is to dress all your girls in the same gorgeous shade but give each a different style of dress - just be careful with this one - if the dresses aren't all a similar length it can come across as unbalanced.

As for which shade to choose, next year we're predicting uber-pale shades for an ethereal look which is super subtle. Try ultra-pale pink, mint green, almost apricot or lighter than lemon.

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3. Alternative Aisles

Circular Seating Arrangement

Simply tying a bow at the end of your pews is hardly enough these days, with more and more effort going into coming up with creative alternatives for appealing aisles.

Set the mood, or tie in with your theme by giving guests a taste of what's to come from the moment they sit down.

Try hanging picture frames filled with selfies or romantic lines from your fave films, rake petals into your initials, wedding date or love heart shapes if your aisle is in the garden, go Moroccan with hanging silver lanterns and draped fabric that tinkles in the wind or jump on the bandwagon with the hanging trend and hang vintage mason jars filled with lollies, shells, flowers, sand or anything else that takes your fancy.

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4. The Words Have It

Love Quote

We've seen the rise and rise of the use of wedding signage, but romantic love quotes are popping up in weddings in all kinds of original ways in a trend we think will truly take off in 2015.

Don't be limited by Shakespearean or historical quotes though, you can pick lines from comedians, from your favourite TV show or film or steal a couple of lines from your fiancé if you dare to share.

As for how to show them off....let us count the ways.

Use them on notes, post-its or mini signs in your photos; have them printed on menus or place cards, write one in the icing of your cake (better make it a good one); show a retro slide show of photos from your relationship during the reception and intersperse the pics with a quote or two; if your theme is shabby chic (or along those lines), scribble quotes across rustic mirrors on the walls (use lipstick if you dare); pass around a gorgeous notebook you'll treasure forever and ask guests to write a love line each for you or use then as part of your centrepiece with a different sentiment on every table.

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5. Letterpress Stationery

Letterpress Wedding Invitations

Ok so this one's not entirely new but we still love it and letterpress is being used in fresh and original ways by the growing number of studios and designers now offering this retro stationery style.

Whether you use this old-school printing style in a traditional or a contemporary way, the fact that every invitation is just that little bit unique, depending on the impression, adds an element of gravitas, of elegance and of the sense of the occasion. It's just not the kind of printing you'd use for a kids' party, it's special.

Remember though that letterpress is best suited for invitations that feature lines, patterns and type, not photographs or colours galore, although modern techniques have opened up new options with designers using digital layout techniques together with old-world charm to create personalised invitations that are too good not to keep.

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6. Fresh Florals

Find Your Seal Floral Ideas

Flowers come and go in wedding fashion terms and often we see the return of retro favourites such as these two: Billy Buttons and Queen Anne's Lace.

In case you haven't come across them, Billy Buttons are distinctive pom-pom like Aussie natives which add a touch of fun, look sweet mixed with pretty blooms to add contracts or can be used on their own for a modern, graphic vibe.

They're hardy too, so perfect for centrepieces. A crop of them in yellow in tall white vases gives a pared back look that pops. Once you get started with these ones it's hard to know where to stop, they're so suited to decorating projects you become obsessed!

Gorgeous Bouquet With Queen Annes Lace

On a different note, Queen Anne's Lace is a whimsical flower akin to the traditional Baby's Breath which works equally well as a filler flower in arrangements, or on its own, especially in centrepieces, if it's used en masse. It's affordable and adaptable so it makes the next year's list for its versatility if nothing else!

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 7. Shapely Sleeves

Wedding Dresses With Sleeves

In a trend that may yet topple our enduring love affair with strapless gowns, sleeves are set to star next year whether capped or long, draped or off-the-shoulder, silky, lacy or fluttering - providing the ideal cover-up for arms that might not have seen quite as much gym time as planned.

Of these styles though, the fluttering, drapey sleeve is our favourite and definitely the one to watch in 2015 and in sheer delicate fabrics, it works to cover arms while still giving the illusion of showing some skin.

Demure but divine and just the thing to keep everyone happy, from the groom to granny.

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8. Country Goes Glam

Glamorous Country Weddings

Country weddings are certainly here to stay and if you yearn for glamour rather than the rustic, shabby barnyard look you'll love this trend.

For your venue look for the traditional country manor, a large barn or a garden estate, vineyard regions are usually filled with gorgeous spaces and gardens try the Southern Highlands in NSW, Margaret River in WA and the Yarra Valley in Victoria.

For the decor, make it elegant with long rambling timber tables in crisp white linen with lots of lush green foliage and white blooms of all kinds.   or decorating in monochrome with a dash of gold for glamour.

Instead of mason jars and wooden signs, use gilt-edged mirrors, crystal vases and all-white blooms. It's still country, but it's cultivated country, and it's seriously chic.

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