1. Make a statement on arrival 

Vintage Red Wedding Cars

Jose Villa Photography

2. Sweet desserts covered in strawberry red

Strawberry wedding cake

Gabe Aceves

Enjoy the sweet delights of a tiered wedding cake decorated in delicious berries - be further inspired by these 27 creative wedding cake ideas

3. The traditional red, red rose

Red rose bouquet

Patrick Moyer Photography

4. Gents in garnet

Groomsmen in red

Melissa Manzione

Give the men a prince charming makeover to have your soon-to-be hubby looking handsome as ever.

5. Let the berry tones flourish

red bouquets

Alexandra Grace Photography

Create a beautiful and unique bouquet by mixing bright colours with touches of native greenery and deep red berries.

6. Layer scarlet shades in karats of gold

Traditional red indian wedding outfit

Loic Nicolas Photography

7. The enchanted cake from forbidden forests

Snow white disney inspired wedding cake

Claire Marika Photography

Any snow white princess deserves a delicious enchanted cake to enjoy and celebrate her wedding day.

8. All that's needed is a rustic touch

Red floral button holes

Dominique Flowers

9. Recruit the ladies in ruby red 

Bride with bridesmaids in red dresses

Divine Light Photography

Coordinating the beautiful bridesmaids doesn't have to be daunting or overwhelming, with the popularity of mixing and matching colours, fabrics and styles. Here are 7 ways to style your bridesmaids.

10. Invite a richness of deep burgundy

Wedding invitations


11. Be bold

Red wedding dress

Samm Blake Photography

Make a grand statement and go against tradition in a stand out gown, which will make your wedding one not to be forgotten. FInd more ideas for wedding dresses in colour.

12. Neutral tones with flaming florals

Reception table setting

Green Apple Photography

Incorporate deep ruby shades and natural tones and get your guests guessing. We love this fun wedding game, a couples Q & A to add more excitement to a day celebrating love. 

13. Flourish with flushed florals

Bridesmaid with red dress and unstructured bouquet

Tracy Enoch Photography

Complement a statement bridesmaid dress in rusty red with romantic flushed bouquets. Explore the i-do.com.au directory to find the perfect bouquet to complement your wedding celebrations.

14. Only true loves kiss...

Disney inspired apple

Claire Marika Photography

There are no poised apples at this wedding celebration, but true loves kiss may swiftly follow...

15. Add some muted rosy blooms

Boho bride with unstructured bouquet

Sarah McKenzie Photography

16. Celebrate in glowing crimson shades

Reception table setting

Rochelle Cheever Photography

Make a glamorous statement at your wedding reception with a bold crimson table runner shadowed in the glow of gold candles.

17. Add a touch of ruby gloss and scarlet polish

Nails and lips

Greg Finck

18. Glowing couple in rose ruffles

Red wedding dress

Erich Mcvey

Before you can look as perfectly paired as this bold bride and groom in a stunning red mermaid dress discover your own wedding dress style...do you choose classy or classic, edgy or elegant, trendy or traditional? 

19. Speed off in racing red

Red wedding car


It's all about finding the perfect getaway vehicle to speed off into the distance and off on an exciting journey together forever. Explore the plethora of options from wedding cars, limousines and transpost hire.

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