traditional wedding announcements

If you are a stickler for tradition then etiquette requires your fiance to ask your parents for your hand in marriage.

For those who don't care for this tradition, then telling your parents together is perfectly acceptable.

Either way, your parents should be the first to know about your impending nuptials.  Restrain yourself from posting the live engagement on Facebook and don't let them hear about it from your friend at work congratulating them.

If either of you have children, then tell the kids before you tell other people. Families merging together can be a stressful thought regardless of how well they get along, even for the youngest of kids.

We don't recommend you bring up budgets, costs and who pays for what just yet. Give you parents time to breath and take in the good news. If they consider your news to be bad and your true love to be a true dud then consider eloping now.

After telling eachothers parents, now is the time for them to meet and get to know eachother if they don't already. You'll know whose parents should initiate contact. If you aren't sure then let tradition decide and suggest that the groom's parents call the bride's.

For the traditionalist, engagement announcements and wedding announcements can still be made in newspapers, although a brides preferred social media is the easiest and fastest way to announce the engagement.

Wedding Tip:

Give yourself a cooling off period to gather your thoughts and consider who you want involved in your wedding. This is a very exciting time where emotions run high, don't start making promises about wearing Aunt Anne's wedding dress or let your excitement lend itself to promising all your friends that they will be bridesmaids.

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