The wedding schedule is the key when it comes to final planning, there are so many formalities and rituals to fit into just a few hours. 

Any bride will tell you, when your wedding day dawns time has a tendency to speed up - the passing of an hour feels like a minute. Having a wedding schedule will provide you with a vision of how the day will unfold.

It is important to provide each key person with your days schedule or an abridged version that details their relevant part.  The wedding schedule you send to your wedding service providers and wedding coordinator or event manager should not read like a how to manual with pages and pages of instructions.

Keep it simple. A page of how the day will pan out, a page with your key contacts list and a page with a map and parking details if necessary.

To avoid being the liasons officer between your service providers give everyone involved with the wedding day a list of key contacts. This will allow people to contact eachother rather than you, in the lead up to the wedding to organise site visits or answer any questions they may have.

Your wedding schedule begins with the pre-ceremony preparation and finishes when you do. Each wedding day is different, our sample wedding day schedules are simply a guideline.

The Pre Wedding Preparation Schedule

The Wedding Ceremony Schedule

The Wedding Reception Schedule

Wedding Tip:

On the day, go with the flow and don't get too caught up in the timing of things. You can't live the moment and experience the benefit of all your hard work if you are too busy worrying about what is to happen next.

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