Pre-nuptial agreements have a bad reputation, mostly because of what they imply. But these legal agreements can be a practical solution to problems that can arise due to the premature divorce or death of a spouse rather than a dress rehearsal for divorce.

pre nuptial agreements

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It is hard to begin a marriage by considering divorce and death. However, having such an agreement in place should be considered if you already own property or assets that you want to keep if you marriage ends, if you are involved in a family business or if you have children or grandchildren from previous marriages that you want to ensure receive the bulk of your already accumulated wealth.

That said, don't underestimate your partners reaction when you say you want a pre-nuptial agreement. It isn't a nice thing to consider particularly after the excitement of an engagement.

Consider whether such an agreement is worth the effect it may have on your relationship.

If you do decide to negotiate a pre-nuptial agreement, you and your partner should each get your own solicitor. Have the agreement written in a universal language, not just the language of law and include an amendment clause.

Wedding Tip :

If you are considering a pre-nuptial agreement, organise it well in advance of your wedding day. You don't want the pre-nuptial agreement to be your only thought as you exchange wedding vows!

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