Depending on how much assistance you want in planning your wedding you might consider hiring a wedding planner to coordinate all or part of your wedding day.

We take a look at the different levels of assistance provided by wedding planners.

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Full service wedding planners

You can hire a wedding planner to manage all facets of the wedding planning.

Wedding planners can be hired to put together your entire wedding and decide on the design, the style and even who you hire for your wedding. They will meet with the wedding vendors and can even manage all the payments on your behalf.

Wedding planners offering this level of service are sometimes referred to as Wedding Producers and may work alone or for large event companies.

If you allow them, wedding planners have total creative control. Good wedding planners and will consider your tastes when making creative decisions.

Wedding planners offering this level of service are the perfect choice for couples who have no time nor desire to do any wedding planning or decision making themselves.

If you are seeking this level of service from a wedding planner you will need a very healthy budget as costs for their services can reach as high as $50,000 - and that doesn't include the wedding costs!

full service wedding planners can be hired for couples who want get involved in the decision making process and be involved in the wedding planning with help along the way.

Full service wedding planners will recommend wedding services and attend meetings with you. They can negotiate fees, terms and organise the entire schedule for your wedding day. A wedding coordinator offering this level of service will also be there to supervise on the wedding day.

Full service wedding coordinators usually charge a flat fee or a percentage of the wedding budget. Fees range widely, to give you a rough idea anywhere upwards from $5,000 plus expenses.

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Day of planners

Wedding planners who offer this service get involved in the final month. They will coordinate and manage the wedding day schedule and touch base with wedding suppliers ensuring the final details are in order and everyone knows where they need to be and when on the wedding day.

Hiring a wedding planner at this level is a good option for couples who are able put into action many of the wedding details themselves and simply just want a wedding coordinator around to make sure everything falls into place and runs smoothly on the wedding day. A flat fee of $1,500 to $6,000 for the wedding day is usually charged and additional fees may apply for expenses and time leading up to the wedding day.

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Hourly wedding coordinator

If you want a person to coordinate a specific aspect of your wedding, such as finding the perfect wedding venue or wedding dress, or a creative expert to bounce ideas off, then paying a wedding planner by the hour is your best choice and can be money well spent.

Most wedding planners offering this service will have a two to four hour minimum, charging around $150 to $200 per hour.

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