Deciding whether or not to invite the young children of your wedding guests to your wedding can be a difficult decision to make.

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Here we tackle how to request that young children do not attend your wedding without offending anyone.

It is perfectly correct not to expect small children or anyone under the age of 12 to attend a wedding in the evening.

However if your wedding is held during the day or afternoon or you are concerned there may be some confusion from your wedding guests as to whether their children are invited or not, then make your decision crystal clear from the start.

Simply writing only the names of the wedding guests you intend to invite on the wedding invitation may not be enough. Some wedding guests may not be up to speed with wedding invitation etiquette and may assume that the kids can come along.

Include a few well thought out words at the end of your wedding invitation or under the RSVP.

What to write

To allow all wedding guests including parents a night of relaxation and uninhibited revelry, we respectfully ask that no children attend the reception.

Bring children to our wedding ceremony - We'd love them on the scene! - Reception time however is an adult only theme. written by Alison Styles

This wedding is an adult 'do', though Flower Girl is just two. She is exception to the rule... while grown ups only - act the fool!

Our wedding is an adults day - Serene with quiet tears... Arranged are minders who will play with babies, and the young of years.
written by Alison Styles Styles of Writing

Don't feel guilty about not including children. You will find that most couples are happy to have a day out without the children, and small children seldom enjoy wedding receptions anyway.

Destination Weddings & guests From Afar

If you are having a destination wedding or wedding guests are travelling from interstate or overseas, and are bringing the kids you could arrange a babysitter at one specified venue where the children can be looked after or otherwise have the babysitter attend the wedding and hire a separate room within the venue.

Depending on the age of the children and the babysitters, you should have one babysitter for every three children. If the children aren't invited to the wedding then the wedding guests pay for the babysitter/s.

You may find your wedding guests are happy to organise their own babysitter so include details of reputable babysitters and babysitter agencies on the itinarary sheet or save the date card that you send out to wedding guests.

When It's Impossible To Say No

Newborns will sometimes have to be the exception to the rule. Most mum's with newborns will move mountains for a night out without baby distractions, however if a wedding guest has a new born baby who can't be left at home for one reason or another then you will have to accept them being there with the baby.

If you are not happy about it at the time, later on you will be happy you accommodated these new mums when you find yourself in the same situation.

Make sure you let the reception venue know of any newborns that will be attending as mum may need to be seated where a pram is accessible and ask that a chair be provided in a quiet area for feeding.

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