Sure you might have done it before, but that doesn't mean you know the do's and don'ts of doing it again so check out our go-to guide to saying "I Do" again....


The style of invitation depends entirely upon the style of wedding. If you're going for formal, then formal invitations are called for, if it's low key you could make something yourself or buy from an online invitation company and customise it to suit. 

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Bridal showers

Obviously it's a personal choice, but bridal showers are typically not on the agenda for second-time and subsequent brides. Of course if someone in the family is desperate to throw you one there's no reason not to, perhaps just specify no gifts and play games or host a high tea instead. Here are some fun bridal shower ideas.

What to wear

Although it's unusual to see a second, third or fourth time bride in a princess gown with a giant train, there's nothing to say you can't - especially if you didn't go all out the first time. Many brides tying the knot not for the first time may still opt for shades of ivory but perhaps in more of an evening gown style rather than a full skirt, but pastel suits are also popular.

Why not splash out on a designer frock in a colour that flatters your skin tone? Of course, if your husband-to-be hasn't been married before he may want you to wear something more traditional, if you're up for it!

According to convention, second time brides shouldn't wear a veil, bit if tradition isn't your thing and you want to wear one - go for it.  Find a gorgeous gown here.

The bridal registry

Usually by the time you're marrying again you have more than enough household items - probably too many once you combine the two - so it's commonplace to skip the bridal registry. It's a lovely idea to ask your guests to donate to charity on your behalf in lieu of bringing gifts.

Are church weddings a no-no?

It depends on the church, and the faith. In the Catholic and some orthodox churches second marriages are generally not permitted to be held in church if parties are divorced. It's prudent to check with your individual pastor, parish or spiritual leader for individual guidelines.  Find a marriage celebrant to get you married again.

What to say - sample vows

Heartfelt, original vows are always special, whatever number marriage it may be. If you want to write your own wedding vows you will find samples for second weddings here. Your marriage celebrant is another place to find samples for second weddings.

Flowers, photography and music

There's no reason flowers, photography and the music you marry to should be any different from a first wedding. They just have to tie in with your style, theme, venue and budget. Find a list of

The honeymoon

If your children - if you have any - are old enough to stay home alone, then take off on whatever romantic adventure you fancy. If not, see if you can arrange a short weekend getaway, or plan a ‘family moon' where your children can come along, or say your vows in a fabulous destination and stay on for your honeymoon with the kids.

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