So your search for the wedding venue has ended, you have found the perfect wedding DJ and you want to book one of the wedding photographers on your shortlist. 

Most wedding service providers will have a booking confirmation or a contract to sign and will require a deposit to confirm a booking.

Confirmations and booking forms should outline details such as cancellation or postponement fees, any surcharges such as delivery or hire costs, overtime costs for staff, start and finish times, what the package inclusions and exclusions are, etc. If they don't you can ask that they do one up for your particular booking.

Make sure you understand everything on the booking form and question anything that you aren't sure about. It is perfectly ok to make changes or additions if you have any concerns but do this in discussion with your wedding service provider. Most wedding service providers will be happy to accommodate reasonable requests.

Wedding Music Perfrmance

Jay C Winter

Write a list of important details about what you are expecting from the wedding service provider and give it to them well before the wedding day. For example if you want a photo with your godmother let you wedding photographer know in advance or if you don't want a particular song played because it reminds you of a past break up - let the DJ know.

Any wedding service provider who is involved in set up on the wedding day, should be sent a running sheet with the contact details of key people, in particular the contact person at the wedding venue. This should be sent to them before the wedding day so they can communicate if necessary with other key people.

Wedding Tip:

Keep all correspondence such as emails, receipts, booking forms, contracts, details of deposits paid and the amount due in your wedding file.

Happy Planning!

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