They've been there, done that and said their vows....we asked our members for their tried and tested advice on getting married!! Here are their tips...

Time out

Dont forget to take some time out on the wedding day and talk to your new DH (darling husband)! I dragged DH out of the reception for 10 mins to have a quiet chat and we both remember it! You will be so busy trying to talk to everyone its easy to forget about eachother. WinterBerry

Pay for it

Have the wedding that you and your partner want! If it is possible pay for it yourselves that way no one can dictate what they want because they are paying for it. mrshannam

Favourite things

Pick the 3 or 4 things that are the most important to you about your wedding (your dress, music, food etc...) and make sure those are perfect. Don't stress to much about everything else or it will get to overwhelming. WinterBerry

Make ... another list

Write a list of 'must haves' and 'non-essentials'. This way you spend money on what you really really want and save on things you don't feel are as essential. Or even on traditions you really want to incorporate (or not)!! Utopia84

Friends with benefits

Ask for input, advice or help from others. Look for friends and wedding guests with talents who can help with things that may cost you big $$. RockeR

Be clear and consise

If you are doing your own wedding decorations - rather than having a wedding decorator do them, you will need to ensure the venue, or someone you trust, sets all the decorations up properly for you!! Give instructions and remember it's not their fault if they stuff it up! misses10

Keep cool

Don't flip out on your wedding day because the decorations weren't set up correctly by your venue. I regret being so annoyed now! It was silly and to be honest I don't even remember what the decorations were! ... misses10

Expect the unexpected and love it!

Great expectations...don't expect your wedding to be perfect - it might be - but if it isn't you'll feel like you've missed out. To me the imperfect weddings are the most memorable. Mel

Don't make promises

Don't promise to wear Granny Maude's wedding dress, you may regret it!! In fact don't make promises to wear anything too soon in the planning - you are likely to change your mind. And don't make my mistake, alterations to wedding dresses can sometimes end up costing as much as a new dress. MrsToBe

What really goes on on the wedding night! Zzzzzz...

Don't worry too much about the Wedding Night and don't spend too much of your budget of that Bridal Suite!  We were absolutely exhausted after such a big day and all we wanted to do was have a bath, relax and chat. Remember, you can always make up for it the next morning when you are much more relaxed and rested and save the cash for your honeymoon. Sakorsha

Got flat

My tip would have to be get loads sleep, drink plenty of water, take a spare pair of flat shoes for dancing in AFTER your first dance. Livvy

Love it all

Just breathe. Relax and just know that regardless of whatever happens, ie bad weather, drunk guests, forgotten wedding bands, missing cake...that today you are marrying the love of your life and you will never get to relive this day again. Have fun with it. Leila

Pack the kitchen sink if you must!

I scoffed at this one - BUT SERIOUSLY BRING A MINI SEWING KIT!! ROTFL!! Saved our day as my father-in-laws zipper busted bwahahaaa!! So lucky we had a safety pin in our pack to keep him decent and relaxed for his speech! RachelleK

Speak up

lf something isn't how you wanted it talk to the person in charge of it or better still have your bridesmaids or a good friend at the reception handle it...and pack some comfy shoes/thongs for later on. WinterBerry


Water.... lots of water. I was so pre-occupied getting ready in the morning etc that I didn't pack any water in the wedding cars. After the ceremony I was so so thirsty. Thank goodness my new and sensible sister-in-law had put bottles of water in the car which got us through the photos without dying of dehydration. CSaM

Keep and eye on FIL

Put a tracking device on your FIL (father-in-law). If he wanders off and gets lost during your reception after a bad encounter with the free drinks, you don't want to spend your wedding night with a family search party and police trying to find him instead of doing more important things! We learned this the hard way....this really happened. aimee123

Your day your way

Remember, the people that have a hundred and one opinions about what you should do on your wedding day aren't the ones who will be watching the your wedding video or hanging your wedding photos on their wall ... so make your memories yours. Shhmilley

Your gorgeous guests

Don't forget to thank your guests! Sure you invited them and are wining and dining them but you invited each one because they are speical to you and your fiance.

They may have spent hours scouring your bridal registry to ensure they give you the perfect gift, they may have been sitting in a salon all day, and may have bought a new dress and pair of shoes in honour of your wedding, they may have spent $$ on babysitters and if your's is a destination weddings hundreds on just getting there.

Anyone special enough to you to be invited to your wedding deserves a smiling happy couple and ... a nice glass of champagne. MissMegs

Smile and the world smiles with you - weep and you weep alone

Don't put too much pressure on yourself to make the day perfect and unique and different to everyone else's wedding day, just keep it simple and fun and remember if the brides happy, then her happiness will spread to everyone else on the day! Bluebug

Appoint an official helper

If you have expectations about anything - from the music that will be played when you walk down the aisle to who you want a photo with - write it down in dot points and appoint a person to make sure it happens on the day. nada151

Negotiate ... hard

Negotiate hard. This is the easiest way to save money - from invitations to decorations to the venue itself. misses10

Think outside the box

There are less expensive and really creative ways to achieve the look or a feel that you want. For example, I imagined my ideal invites but the stationary was much too expensive. So I rounded up my bridal party, threw in a few bottles of champagne and we spent a great afternoon of DIY.  Just serve most of the champagne after the job is done!

Student rates

I found a pastry chef in the making from TAFE who was more than happy to whip up a gorgeous nakes cake that was 1/10th of the cost - I sent her a pic for her portfolio. Angel_Gab

Said and done...

Don't sweat the small stuff, and ultimately everything bar the fact that you are marrying the person you love IS small stuff. The dress, the shoes, the bridesmaids, the flowers, all pale into insignificance beside the fact that you are in love and committing yourself to the person of your dreams.

It's not about the wedding, it's about the marriage. Have fun, but if people spent as much time concentrating on the first 365 days of their marriage as they do on the 1st day, there would be a heck of a lot less unhappy newlyweds. Prim

The 24 hour wedding day

Make sure you have snacks with you throughout the day, especially for a traditional Asian wedding like mine was! Where your day starts 5am in the morning and wouldn't end until after midnight! weddingbliss

Stick to budget

Be realstic in your wedding planning. sometimes people tend to go overboard with their budget because they want to have it all. If you spend more in one area, then see where else you can reduce the cost. tulips2014

Wear a onsie?

Not really, buy a dress you love to wear and is comfortable with now bone sticking into your skin or that rubs under your arms - you will be wearing it for a long time. Jo

On the day contact list

Make sure the relevant people have a list of emergency contacts. We gave a phone list (of caterers, decoration hire company, cake guy, both sets of parents plus maid of honour and best man) to several key players of our day. KatieB

Things can and for us did go wrong - like the wedding cake disappearing and a VERY nervous best man who rang us asking  where it was LOL!!) . Fabalicious

Rain hail or shine

Have a rain plan...even if it's just packing an umbrella on a blue bird day! JennaE

Appoint another official

Don't get caught up too much in the "this should have happened and that should have happend,  be solutions based on the day or appoint someone who can be! RachelleK
It rained during our photos - we ended up pulling our photographer aside during the evening and nabbed some fantastic dusk shots that were never planned. RachelleK

Pre-wedding prep tip

Straws for the ladies in the bridal party!! So you don't mush your lippie while enjoying a drink getting ready and during photos. RachelleK

Posture ladies!

Sit up straight...all day!! You are the centre of attention and all eyes are on the bride. A good posture looks great in photos, on video and makes you look slimmer!! TaraD
Groomsmen!! Don't put anything in the pockets of your pants - bulges show up in photos! VickiW

Which white are you wearing

Make sure you give your florist a sample of your wedding dress fabric - you don't want white ribbon around bouquet if your dress is ivory. Better still get your dressmaker to make your ribbon from your dress scraps - looks perfect. CamA2

Avoid trouble from the start

Resist the pressure to invite the troublemaker. If there is someone who you feel is likely to cause trouble, DON'T invite them!!! Trust yourself to know who should and shouldn't be there, and invite only those who care about you and your special day. You don't want to spend the rest of your life looking through your wedding pics at that persons scowling face in the background and wonder why you bothered! MrsJo

I agree with MrsJo - if you get pressure to invite anyone you dislike/don't know/don't get along with just because 'so-and-so' wants them there, stick to your guns and say NO.

...You will always remember how peeved you were when they ruined your day just by being there! I had this problem where a family member who couldn't attend asked an uninvited and unwelcome guest in her place!! DH and I put our foot down early and we are happy that we nipped that in the bud before it was too late. LovelyK

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