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There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to renewing your vows - so indulge yourselves and do it whichever way you fancy. Here are 10 ideas to get you started...

  1. Say "I Do" all over again on the high seas - or perhaps a calm harbour - on a cruise ship. There are hundreds of itineraries to choose from, from the family friendly so you can invite everyone along to the romantic and exclusive if you want to spoil yourselves by yourselves. Find a cruisey place to renew your vows.
  2. The backyard, whether yours or someone else's, is a popular pick because it's laidback, you can go all out or not at all on the décor front and anything from a barbeque to a Chinese banquet is an option.  View one real wedding that did just that.
  3. Revisit where you did it the first time - whether the same town, church, destination (if you fancy going all out all over again, or just the two of you this time). Use this as your opportunity to keep the best bits from the first time, and to change the ones you didn't love. 
  4. Keep it casual and hire a huge table - or the entire venue - at your favourite family restaurant. Simple balloons or flowers will make perfect centrepieces - affordable and adorable at the same time.
  5. Hold an anniversary party - easier if it's for a significant number - and surprise your guests with a vow renewal on the spot. So romantic and super fun. Find the vows for your vow renewal here
  6. Get married to the sound of the song you had your first dance to, perhaps have a string quartet play it this time, hire someone to sing or say your vows to the strums of an acoustic guitar version
  7. Go all out like Heidi Klum and Seal used to with a full-on themed party - Halloween, pirate, Disney, 70s, Gatsby - whatever tickles your fancy. Your kids will love you for it and your friends will appreciate the opportunity to dress up
  8. Do it Vegas style - in the little white chapel, Elvis style - or go the local version with a Gold Coast big bash. Wear the biggest meringue dress you can buy, pick some random witnesses from the casino, hire a cinderella coach to take you to the ceremony and sing the King karaoke.
  9. Pledge your eternal love in a far-flung location - on the ski slopes, in a hot-air balloon, atop a tall building, in the middle of a sports field. You get the picture....find your far-flung wedding location here.
  10. Relinquish control and let your kids - or your original bridal party - organise it all. The location, the vows, the outfits, the that would make for memorable day.

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