Band Singer Singing

It's hard to imagine a wedding without music. Walking down the aisle has its own sound, your first dance will likely bring tears to your eyes every time you hear the tune for the rest of your life, and the night is usually spent dancing away to the beat of your favourite songs.

When it comes to hiring a band, you'll want to keep a few things in mind when you're considering your options.

If your wedding reception requires music for around four hours, then you're looking at a set list of roughly 40 - 50 songs. A lot of people think that DJs have the upper hand because of the number of songs they can play, but in reality, you're going to have a tough time narrowing down that group of songs you want to hear no matter what!

That said, you can start your hunt for a great band by thinking about the type of songs you want to hear. Many bands can cover a lot of categories, but some will specialise specifically in a genre like jazz, modern or rock so can fit in well to a themed wedding, or simply your own preferences.

Everyone Dancing

Consider your guest list when picking too, as the band will essentially be there to entertain your nearest and dearest. The larger the group, the more likely it is that you'll need a more varied list. Although, it's likely that your guests will simply get into whatever music you decide on, so don't put too much thought into pleasing everyone!

The space of your venue might be a factor too - if there's only a small spot, make sure the bands you're talking to are able to set up in a constricted space before you book them in.

There's nothing quite like the atmosphere that a band can bring to a wedding, and what's the music for if not for creating that magical and unforgettable ambience!

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