Wedding Band

Caroline Ghetes

Tried and tested ways to keep the festivities festive on your wedding day.

  1. Get up and boogie. You and your bridal party are the catalyst for getting everyone on the dancefloor. If you are out there dancing and having fun then your wedding guests are sure to follow.
  2. Check with the person responsible for setting up the room and make sure that there are no tables between the speakers and the dancefloor. There is nothing more uncomfortable than being the table of guests who have to sit right next to the speakers...."sorry what was that?"..."what did you say?"..."huh?"
  3. The best spot for the wedding entertainment be it the band or wedding DJ is next to the dancefloor, or at least very close to it. This will let them interact with everyone and keep them on the dance floor.
  4. Lighting. Nothing kills the energy more on the dance floor than bright lights. Good video producers will have video equipment where very bright spot lights aren't necessary.
  5. You know what gets your friends on the dance floor and keeps them there. Get involved with selecting the music. Provide a list of songs to your wedding DJ that you like and don't like.

Ideas from our real brides...

We spent ages looking for a song that would be effective and set the mood as well as have enough beat to get everyone up dancing. We played "Moondance" by Van Morrison and I think we were only up there for about 30 seconds before everyone came up and joined in! You really have to choose something that is inviting for everyone to get dancing to! - Jane and Trent

At most of the weddings I've been to the MC has asked the rest of the guests to join the couple on the dance floor but what I've also seen work very well is the following:

  • Bride and Groom take the floor and dance to "their" song
  • Joined by Bridal Party
  • Joined by Parents
At this point the bridal party, parents and bride & groom all split up and go grab someone else who is sitting down. You'll be surprised how quickly this gets everyone up and dancing and it's a nice, non-threatening way to ask people to dance! - Melanie & David

We're having something called a 'snowball dance'. It starts off with the bride and groom and then they split up and grab a new partner. The music stops and then they all split up and grab a new partner until everybody is on the dancefloor. The MC has to explain it to everybody and we're having it after we have the bridal waltz, bridal party, and father/daughter dance - Sally and Ty

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