Wedding Party On The Dance Floor

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Music is a major contributor to the success of any function particularly weddings. Choosing a DJ over live music to play at your wedding is a matter of preference.

To find a DJ that will rock your wedding, whether it be to the Top 40, rhythm and blues, rock, 80's classics or a little of each it is important to interview a DJ the same way you would any other wedding services provider.

If you are using an entertainment agency to hire a DJ for your wedding, always use a reputable agency. Ask for references of the DJ they plan to send out for your wedding and find out what level of experience they have working as a DJ.

Don't be talked into leaving a deposit at the first enquiry unless you are sure you want to make the booking. Ask if you can have a few days to look around and to let you know if anyone else is interested in booking that date.

You may not be able to meet the DJ in person who will play at your wedding so insist on speaking to the DJ over the phone.

Wedding DJ Checklist

  1. Choose a DJ whose majority of music is your taste.
  2. Ask about their play list and get a feel for what kind of songs they like to play at weddings. If your music tastes don't match and their song list is heavily lopsided to a style of music you don't like, try another DJ.
  3. Ask about the equipment they will be using. The size of the speakers and if they are emblazoned with their own advertising. After hours spent on planning your wedding theme and money spent on decorations you may not want this.
  4. Does the DJ have any specific requirements such as tables for any equipment.
  5. Find out if DJ or entertainment agency will liaise with the wedding venue as to any electrical and space requirements.
  6. Ask if the DJ has ever worked at your wedding reception venue before. You should also consider asking the wedding venue if they felt the DJ did a good job at previous weddings.
  7. What will the DJ be wearing at your wedding.
  8. Does the DJ intend to use any of their own lighting or special effects such as smoke machines or bubble makers.
  9. Do they have a play list of songs they can send out to you to select from and can they promise that the play list you receive and the songs you request will be available at your wedding.
  10. Approximately 75 songs will fill a five hour reception. An experienced DJ will be able to order the music for you.
  11. Ask if they are happy to take requests from wedding guests or do they prefer to be in the background and play a scheduled list. This should be more your preference than the DJ's, keeping in mind you also may not want a drunken uncle requesting non stop 50's classics.

Wedding Tip:

If you are marrying into a family from another country and have a number of international wedding guests travelling to attend, have your DJ include a play list of music familiar to them. You may find yourself Irish dancing till dawn or boogieing all night to South American salsa!

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