The wedding invitation requires preliminary planning and attention to detail.

From the quantity of wedding invitations ordered to the timing of when your wedding invitation should be sent.

Here are 14 things to consider when ordering and preparing your wedding invitations:

  1. Order invitations at least four months before the wedding to leave time for preparation, addressing and mailing.

  2. If you are addressing the wedding invitations by hand pick the envelopes up in advance so you can get started on it.

  3. Consider ordering all your wedding stationery at the same time including placecards, thank you notes, save the date cards and any inserts you may want to include with your wedding invitations such as pew cards, registry cards or maps. Buying complete packages is usually cheaper.

  4. When working out your numbers, remember to count one invitation per single person, couple or family. Just because you have invited 100 guests doesn't mean you need 100 invitations.

  5. Always send a wedding invitation to your parents and the bridal party and in some religious cases it is appropriate to invite the officiant and their partner.

  6. It is a good idea to order extra wedding invitations to allow for last minute additions to your wedding guest list and to allow for mistakes if you are handwriting names or creating the wedding invitations yourself. An extra 10 should be enough.

  7. Again order extra envelopes to allow for addressing mistakes if handwriting or printing your own invitations.

  8. The RSVP should be set at least two weeks prior to your wedding date.

  9. Proof, proof and proof again. Have family or a friend look over your wedding invitation draft before giving the final OK.

  10. Take a complete wedding invitation to the post office to be weighed for proper postage. Oversize envelopes cost more to send. Post Offices consider square envelopes as oversize.

  11. Request that the post office not to put your invitations through the franking machine if you have decorative envelopes.

  12. Post all your wedding invitations at the same time and within plenty of time for wedding guests to respond. The wedding invitation should be received by the guest no later than 6 weeks before your wedding day. Allow one week for local delivery and two weeks for overseas delivery.

  13. International and interstate wedding guests should be given plenty of notice.
    Send out Save The Date card 6 months in advance (up to 12 month for an overseas weddings or guests flying in from overseas) to give the out of town and overseas guests time to plan accommodation and travel. 12 months advanced notice is also acceptable if your wedding lands on a public holiday or school holiday period.

  14. We've said it before and we'll say it again, proof your wedding invitation thoroughly - a common error is to put the wrong date with the right day of the week!

wedding invitations

wedding invitations

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