From letterpress to laser we take a look at the most popular printing methods for weddings.

Wedding tip:

Before you run out and buy reams of gorgeous, expensive paper for your wedding invitations, make sure it's ink compatible. Not all printing methods or calligraphy will work on all papers so check with your wedding stationer or printer which printing methods work best on what paper.


Handwritten using special calligraphy pens and ink. Mostly applied for place cards or handwriting the guests names onto the wedding invitation. For very formal, traditional wedding invitations, the guests name is always hand written.

Computerized Calligraphy

Some papers may not be suitable for hand written calligraphy due to the texture, thickness or stock. Computerized calligraphy is therefore a better option. This is done with a special machine, mechanical pen and laser printer. Suitable if you want a wedding invitation to appear hand-calligraphed.

Embossing or Blind Embossing

Creates a raised design used mostly for monograms, return addresses and borders. Letters or designs are etched into metal plates and are pressed into the paper without ink so that you just see an imprint. Although the post office hates it, blind embossing is applied to the return address for formal wedding invitations.


Letters or designs are etched into a metal plate and rolled in ink which is then pressed into the paper leaving an inked raised imprint. Engraved invitations in black ink is considered appropriate for formal wedding invitations. To avoid smudging, it is recommended that you cover the ink with a sheet of tissue paper before placing in the envelope.


Suited to printing wedding invitations on textured papers and can print in a wide range of colours from the RGB spectrum of colours. Not suitable for all vellum or metallic finish papers where the ink may bleed or smudge. A popular printing method if you are doing your own wedding invitations.

Laser Printing

Best for smooth, uncoated stock between 100-200gsm. Although colours are limited, the method allows for a crisp print that fuses well to most papers. Most vellums are laser printer compatible.

letterpress wedding invitations

The Print Fairy


Adds a hand-made effect to wedding invitations and unlike other print methods works well on handmade papers. Beautiful results can be achieved from letterpress designs and borders.


A less-expensive alternative to engraved wedding invitations where powder is applied to the ink while it is still wet to form letters that are raised but not indented. The raised printing can be shiny.

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