addressing wedding invitations for families

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The etiquette of addressing and sending wedding invitations to include the children of your wedding guests.

1. Traditional - Using outer and inner envelopes

When using both inner and outer envelopes.  The outer envelope should read "Mr and Mrs Peter von Trapp and Family" and the inner envelope will indicate who the "and family" actually are with everyone's names who are invited to the wedding.

The names on the inner envelopes can be written using first names. For aesthetic reasons the parents are written first then the children's names are written underneath.

By not including the name of all the people of the household who are invited to the wedding is too ambiguous, you may end up with a cast of thousands.

2. Modern - outer envelopes only

If you aren't using inner envelopes then you can either address the envelope to the parents only and then include the childrens names on the wedding invitation itself, underneath the parents names. Or address the envelope to the parents and the children who are invited, again childrens names come directly underneath the parents. 

3. Order of address

Age takes precedence. The eldest sibling is written first with the youngest last. 

Formal address for writing childrens names are:

  • Two or more sisters "The Misses von Trapp" 
  • For brothers it is "The Messrs. von Trapp".
  • For one boy "Master von Trapp" 
  • For one girl "Miss von Trapp". 

Less formal tone would be to simply write the first names of the children. 

If the children you are inviting to your wedding are over the age of 18 years old then they should receive their own, separately addressed wedding invitation rather than be included on their parents wedding invitation. This is also appropriate for children over 13 years but not necessary.

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