The answer really depends on how formal the wedding invitation you received is and how formal you want to be.  

If you have received a formal invitation using formal wording, then you should reply in a similar vein. 

Here are a few ideas on how to RSVP to a wedding.

The most formal wording is in the third person

Mr and Mrs Bob Brown
kindly accept the invitation of
Mr and Mrs David Jones
to the marriage of thier children on
Saturday 9th July at 3 o'clock in the afternoon

Alternatively, if the couple are hosting the wedding and are good friends, it is just as appropriate to write a note as follows:


Dear Veronica and Archie,

Thank you so much for the kind invitation to your wedding in May. Tim and I would love to attend and celebrate such a special day.

Look forward to seeing you soon and all best wishes for the final few months of preparations.

Kindest regards,

Victoria Lee

If the  weddinginvitation is modern and fun you can simply write something you are comfortable with.

Dear Lizzie and Stacey

Thank you for the invitation, Stevie and I would love to join you on your wedding day and share in the celebrations.  All the best with the plans, see you soon.

Lots of Love

Ben & Mike

Wedding Tip :

The rsvp card allows you to easily respond,  however we think it's a little impersonal to just tick the box and post back so we love the idea that you include a note to let the couple know how excited you are to attend the wedding - the couple will love it too.

wedding invitation ideas

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