The vast range of papers, styles, colours, typefaces and adornments available today means wedding invitations have become not just a formality but a work of art.

Wedding invitations provide the first hint to your guests of what they can expect on the wedding day.

Wedding Invitations Tips

Giant Invitations

Whether it is the colour of the bridesmaids dresses, the wedding flowers, the starfish motif for a beach wedding, the formal address or the wedding monogram wax seal, your wedding invitation should reflect your wedding style and indicate to your wedding guests the formality of the day.

Size matters

It is important to consider the size of your wedding invitations. DL (220 x 110mm) and C6 (114 x 162mm) are recommended sizes as you are paying the minimum postage costs. You will also need to keep your wedding invitations less than 5mm thick and under 250g in weight or postage will be more. International costs vary depending on the destination, size and weight.

Always check the cost of posting odd sized wedding invitations. Be aware that non-standard sized envelopes attract more expensive postage rates and if you don't put the right stamp on your wedding invitations your guests will be asked to pay the difference in order to collect them or not receive them at all.

If you are designing your own wedding invitations make sure there is an envelope available that will fit the wedding invitation snuggly.

Select the style

You need to consider if you want creative wedding invitations, traditional wedding invitations or do-it-yourself wedding invitations.

Creative wedding invitations are always exciting to receive. You can cleverly hint about your wedding theme through the materials used and the design of the wedding invitation itself.

You will find wedding stationery designers create all kinds of masterful wedding invitations and fine paper stores that stock papers and adornments in unlimited ranges of shapes, styles, textures and colours. All you need to do is choose whether you will have your wedding invitation professionally designed and delivered ready to post, or do you dare to make them yourself.

Traditional, formal wedding invitations come with rules. Aside from how you address and write the wedding invitation, the design of the invitation itself should conform to traditional wedding etiquette.

Traditional wedding invitations are engraved in black ink on folded paper or heavy card stock in ecru (off white) or pure white. A formal wedding invitation is always mailed inside two envelopes, an inner and outer. The inner envelope should have no glue. Find more about traditional, formal wedding invitations here

Include your wedding theme

If you are having a garden wedding, incorporate flowers into your wedding invitations. Select papers, cards and accessories that would complement your theme, such as roses, tulips or perhaps a lily paper.

For a beach wedding you could combine adornments of starfish, shells, seahorses or wooden hearts with paper in designs and colours that reflect the ocean. 

A formal wedding invitation doesn't have to follow tradition. You will find being creative can be formal too. Design the wedding invitation to combine elegant adornments such as silk ribbon or crystal encrusted initials and gorgeous layers of pattern papers. Stick to the traditional format of address in the wording of the invitation and you will have one very formal wedding invitation.

Choose the colour

A great way to choose a colour for your wedding invitations is to incorporate the colour of your bridesmaids dresses.

There are many ways you can do this, such as matching the colour to the papers, any ribbon or silk cord you might use, coloured beads, stickers, studs, starfish or other adornments or simply the colour of the printed text.

When matching printed text get your hands on a PMS (pantone matching system) colour chart. Colours viewed on the computer won't match what you see in the finished product.

If you haven't decided on a specific colour, the classic, timeless combinations of cream and gold, silver and white or pewter and pastel can look stunning.

Once you decide on your wedding invitations, it will be easy to co-ordinate the rest of your wedding stationery, including the order of service, place cards and thank you cards.

Editors Tip:

Your invitation should be put together gracefully and with much thought and above all it should reflect you, your style and your wedding.

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