It's the first teaser guests will get of your wedding style, setting the scene, and often the theme, for what's to come. Formal or laidback? Beach or black-tie? Cocktail or sit-down? You get the's important.

So, to make choosing something that stands out just a little easier, we've rounded up some of the latest looks we love...

Whimsical Watercolour

watercolour invitationswatercolour wedding invitations

State Of Elliott

With its pastel palette and muted style, watercolour prints are whimsical and subtle, and a terrific choice for romantic, spring and garden weddings.

Whether you choose an actual painting print or a combination of colours, just add lettering in a darker hue of one of the feature shades, or in rose gold or soft silver for an invitation that'll be noticed for all the right reasons.

Make metallics pop

metallic wedding invitationfoil wedding invitation

Giant Invitations State of Elliott

Gold and silver aren't going anywhere in stationery design, but what is new in 2018 is the introduction of distressed and distinctive metallics such as bronze, copper and antique silver against dark backgrounds, such as navy blue, forest green, black, charcoal and burgundy, rather than the conventional white. A moody, modish choice for winter weddings.

Mad about Marble

marble invitationmarble invitation

Giant Invitations

We've been embracing marble in the home for some time now, and now it's made its way from benchtops to bathroom jars to phone cases...and onto wedding invitations.

If you don't fancy traditional grey and white marble (although it looks pretty swish for formal or classic style do's), then why not try one of the new green, black, pink or gold-flecked marble designs.

Embrace the envelope

wedding invitation envelopewedding invitation envelope

Caretto Photo

Get guests excited from the get go by putting a little thought into your envelopes, and their lining, rather than just the invitation itself.

Move on from white or natural paper and consider a black, patterned or even floral envelope, or envelope liner to catch the eye and ensure guests you're your big day won't be just like all the others.

Crafty Calligraphy

calligraphy wedding invitationcalligraphy invitation

State of Elliot Giant Invitations

Handwritten is hot right now, and while some couples are still choosing classic calligraphy, we're seeing a shift towards so-called ‘funky calligraphy' which is less perfect and predictable than its classic counterpart, and often pairs calligraphy with regular fonts in a fresh fashion.

A fab pick for a playful, offbeat or boho wedding.

Royal-style crests

royal crest wedding invitation designroyal style crest

Giant Invitations Crimson Letters

Let's face it. We all love a royal wedding, so why not inject a little regal style into your own invites by incorporating a crest?

Whether you have a stationer design it for you or source your own unique design via etsy, mixing your monogrammed initials with a graphic crest design, royal style, is bound to be one of the most memorable looks of 2018.

Fanciful Foil

foil wedding invitationfoil wedding invitation

Lush Invitations State of Elliot

Gold and silver foil aren't new, but they're making a comeback and we're seeing patterned versions, or foil used sparingly, to draw attention to important details - such as your names, the wedding date, or the location for destination do's. If yours is going to be a glam affair, this is your go to.

Go Geometric

geometric wedding invitation

Frankie Bear Designs

From triangles and diamonds to zig-zags and Turkish-inspired patterns, bold geometrics are finding their way onto wedding invitations, and are a perfect match for modern, urban weddings and couples who aren't afraid of colour.

Best suited to weddings with a touch of the avant-garde or eclectic, and couples who love to experiment with different styles.

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