Bride Hair Accessories

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Whether you're taking over the salon on the morning of, your favourite stylist is gracing you with a home visit or you're going au naturel and doing your own hair - it pays to practise before the big event.

Before you ask, 'How hard can it be?' Trust us, you'd be surprised.

You may fall madly in love with a hairdo you spot in a magazine, or perhaps you've always imagined yourself with Sienna Miller style braids, and your hairdresser can probably manage most styles you can dream up, but it's not until you see that do - on your face - that you'll know whether or not it's a look you'll love on you.

Remember, most of us have had at least one bad hair day walking out of the salon, it's worth making sure your wedding day isn't one of them.

Here at we've seen countless wedding photos and talked to thousands of brides so we've put together a few pointers to ensure your hair looks fresh, fabulous and frizz-free when you tie the knot.

  1. Book your hair trial in the morning, then wear the style for the entire day - seriously - like, until midnight. See how it looks by the end of the night, and take note of how much maintenance was required during the day, some styles may look superb but unless your stylist is set to shadow you all day long, they're not worth the upkeep
  2. Use your trial to share details about where you're getting married, whether it's in church, on the beach, in a park or on the water. Let your hairdresser know how you'll be travelling too, will you be in a convertible, in horse-drawn carriage, in an air-conditioned car, on a motorbike - helmet hair anyone?
  3. If you have your trial at home you can put on your wedding dress (if you already have it on hand) and show your hairdresser, to help the two of you come up with the perfect look - and show off your bridesmaids' outfits too.
  4. It's important to share information about your veil or headpiece (try it all on ideally), even your flowers, and if you're not having your hair trial at home then be sure to bring in plenty of photos.
  5. While you may have a firm idea of the look you covet, remember your hairdresser may be able to recommend options you hadn't considered or hair accessories you'd never imagined - at least listen to his/her ideas
  6. If you’re doing your own hair, again, practice really does make perfect so give yourself a few trial runs - at least!!
  7. Take photos of your hair style from the front, back and sides to get an idea of how it looks at all angles
  8. Finally, if you just don't feel the stylist understands what you want, after explaining your ideas and sharing photographs, it's perfectly alright to book a trial with someone else, although don't expect a refund on the cost of the trial.
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