Channel your inner flower power and decorate your luscious locks with blossoms and buds.

Whether laced into an updo, part of a headband, chain or crown, flowers in a bride's hair can truly transform her look!

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No longer reserved for the flower girl, brides are wearing anything from an elaborate wreath of flowers to a single blossom woven into a braid. Wreaths add a playful, whimsical element to the bridal ensemble and are an especially apt choice for outdoor weddings.

Don't forget your greens! Small sprigs of greenery as part of a floral crown can be truly enchanting. Why? Well, the colour is perfect for the summer season, or for anyone wanting to relax their bridal look a little.

No to mention, if you're having a garden wedding or reception, a touch of greenery really suits the surroundings.

Wedding Floral Hair

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If you're considering incorporating this trend into your wedding-day look, include some colourful blossoms in your hair. Pink, orange or yellow roses look fabulous intertwined with carefully curled or braided hair. Lilies also look gorgeous woven into an updo, and come in a wide range of vibrant colours.

Pull your hair back into a deliberately tousled, low ponytail and use a ring of flowers to hold it in place. Little blossoms can be scattered throughout your hair or clustered together in a sort of bouquet. If you have long, flowing locks, loosely braid them and place little rosebuds strategically throughout.

Wearing a veil? Use flowers to pin it in place, or weave them into the headpiece. Brides can also make use of a flower crown in combination with their veil for a fairy-tale look.

Floral Wedding Hair


The flower trend can also be matched with hand-crafted flower hair pins, barrettes, or lace flower fascinators for wedding headpieces. Headbands decorated with silk flowers, feathers and tulle are also trending, and can be an elegant way to accent the veil.

Consider creating a flower motif with your bridal party. Give all the bridesmaids the same colour and type of blossom to weave into their hair, while the groomsmen can pin the flower into their buttonhole.

Find a wedding hairstylist to embrace your inner flower power and try out this trend - it's a sure-fire way to add a playful touch to your celebrations.

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