Bride With Colourful Bouquet

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Some styles look superb but unless your stylist is set to shadow you all day long, they’re not worth the upkeep. We share a few insider tips on how to choose your wedding day do.

  1. A good wedding hairstyle is one that suits the bride, works well with the dress and will still be looking good as you farewell your guests.
  2. When looking at styles consider the shape of the neckline of the dress. Does an upstyle-do work better or is your look enhanced with hair out.
  3. Consider the timing of the wedding, will it be a morning wedding with an informal dress code or an evening wedding requiring everyone in black tie. The location is important too, particularly if it's likely to be hot, windy and outdoors. Will you be in an airconditioned room most of the time, or outside in a marquee overlooking the beach.
  4. Bring with you pictures of the hairstyles you love and the ones you hate - particularly if you have never had your hair done by a professional hairstylist before. This will give them an idea of your own personal style and taste. Just because a style suits you in someone elses eyes it doesn't necessarily make you feel gorgeous and glamorous.
  5. Are you wearing a veil, tiara or any other adornments such as hair jewels or flowers in your hair. Will the hairstyle be able to hold a headpiece and veil in place and will you be able to remove your veil after the ceremony easily if you choose to do so.
  6. If you are considering on putting flowers in your hair, talk to your wedding florist first about what flowers they recommend you use and ask them to prepare the flowers for your hairdresser to put in on the wedding day. You don't want to end up with a head full of drooping, bruised flowers 3 hours into your wedding.
  7. Ask your wedding hair stylist to liaise with your florist about how they will need to attach the flowers to your hair on the day, so the flowers can be prepared accordingly and attached quickly.
  8. Ask your stylist to give you and your bridesmaids tips on touching up your hair on the day, you or your bridesmaids be able to touch up your do through out the day

If you do end up having bad hair day on your wedding day, don't let that get in the way of all the fun - throw your hair up in a pretty clip and hide it under a veil, or let your hair down, kick up your wedding shoes and wow everyone with a sparkling smile.

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