How did Meghan snag the world's most eligible bachelor?

We thought it had to do with the fact she's a stunning super star, with a vibrant fun filled personality and an air of maturity.  But apparently it all came down to her brows.

Meghans wedding makeup

Benefit's National Brow Artist, Hannah Mutze has broken down her Megan Markle approved brow tips to snag yourself a royal ginger!

  1. DO find your perfect brow colour! Markle nails a natural brow every time by ensuring both the tone and shade of her brows are the perfect match. Never too dark or too light, too warm or cool.
  2. DON'T over-tweeze. Tweezing too much from underneath the arch can lead to a pointy, uneven brow, a la Markle circa Deal or no Deal! If unsure, place your index finger over the entire brow, hairs that sit below your finger are ok to remove!
  3. DO have a brow tint! This 10-minute treatment is not to be skipped, as it results in thicker, more defined looking brows sans makeup
  4. DO make like Markle and keep your brows looking naturally full! Style them with a fibrous brow gel like Benefit's Gimme Brow +, which adds colour and definition to the brows, along with microfibers to make them look fuller and textural!
  5. DON'T save your brow appointment for right before a big event!

Allow your brow expert a minimum of 8-12 weeks to perfect your brows in the lead up to a big day! 

Ideally, book in with your brow bestie 16 weeks out - this allows time for transformational new growth, and monthly appointments in the lead up!

Meghans eyebrows

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