Choosing A Wedding Hairstyle With Celebrity Stylist Brad Ngata

i-do talks to celebrity stylist Brad Ngata about what to expect when it comes to your wedding hairstyle

What Makes A Good Wedding Hairstyle?

A number of components come into play to ensure the best hairstyle for you on your wedding day. Not only do you need to look at what suits the shape of your face - but you need to consider your hair texture - is it fine, or is it thick?

Brad says it’s hair texture that will define whether you have an up or down hairstyle on your wedding day. If you have lots of healthy hair then go for a half-up , half-down hairstyle. If you have fine hair then you might want to consider extensions and an up-do.

"A good wedding hairstyle is an elegant one and should elongate a brides silhouette."

What Information Should You Take To Your Wedding Hairstyle Trial?

You should definitely take the password to your Scrapbook with all your favourite wedding looks.  Brad Ngata Salons all have iPads so you can easily browse all you love online.

Bring in an image of your wedding dress, and if possible wear a top is similar to the cut of your bodice. For example if it’s strapless, wear a strapless top to your hairstyle trial.

It also helps to know whether you are wearing a tiara, hat or veil and bring in any hair accessories, such as hair clips, flowers, pins or hair jewels.

You might want to trial a few to see which suit your overall wedding look best, a good hairdresser will be able to suggest what will complement the style best.

And What Is The Little Black Dress Of Wedding Hair?

Brad's favourtie wedding look is a nod to the glamorous 40’s..."a style of deep waves that are brushed out, it’s very glossy, very shiny.” says Brad

Another easy look that suits most brides is the half up half down style. It can be moved to suit the style and keeps the hair out of your face.

When Should You Schedule Your Hair And Makeup?

On the day, Brad suggests to style the hair and apply the makeup to the bride before anyone else, "it’s an emotional day with lots of ‘happy’ stress where time fly's by quickly and it’s better to be waiting around ready than panicked."

The bride, mother of the bride and bridesmaids should always be ready and at least an hour to an hour and a half before they have to leave to allow time for fitting the wedding dress and photos.

Approximately How Much Time Does It Take To Apply The Brides Hair And Makeup And The Bridesmaids Hair And Makeup?

To apply bridal hair and makeup, you will need to allow 90 minutes for the bride and for bridesmaids allow 60 minutes.

If A Designer Hairstylist Isn’t In Your Budget What Can You Recommend?

"Go with what you know, don’t try anything too outside the box" says Brad, "and if you are doing it yourself practice, practice, practice!"

Brad suggests grab a mirror and view the hairstyle from all sides and be critical when you are looking at it. Make sure it’s shiny, healthy and glossy. Keep it simple and elegant and do a style that you know you can do well.

And Tell Us About The Bro-Dry?

The Bro-Dry is a grooming package for the groom and best man. Brad will ensure their skin’s looking fresh for the day and the eyebrows are tidy and in two pieces, not one!

For more information visit Brad Ngata.



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