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While traditional sugar coated almonds have served many a bride well over the decades, some prefer to make a splash with something fresh and funky, or a personalised memento of the day.

Members of have kindly shared some of their creative ideas - and there's something to suit every style and budget below:

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  1. Buy white cardboard noodle boxes with the metal handles. Put the guests name on one side, and a poem with your names and wedding date on the other side (using clear sticky labels and the old faithful computer!) Fill with chocolates, sweets or whatever you choose - Kylie
  2. Use a glass bowl wrapped in foil paper to suit your wedding theme, and place Hershey Hugs and Kisses candies inside. On the edge of the bowl, put a little sign that says "Hugs and Kisses, From the New Mr. and Mrs!" - Angela
  3. In an elegant envelope printed with Lucky In Love on the front include a lottery ticket - Jenny
  4. Another variation on the Lucky in Love lottery ticket is to include a scatchie in the envelope with a coin from the year of your wedding. - Lou
  5. Scatter beautiful foil wrapped heart shaped chocolates all over the table, instead of buying a gift for each guest, saves money and decorates the table beautifully - Calista
  6. Jars of preserves from a region that is significant to you - Sara
  7. Egg cup or tea cup/coffee mug - Kylie
  8. For something a little different do a "Who's Who" book of all your wedding guests, compete with a photo and a little blurb about them. It is a fantastic keepsake - Dianne
  9. Put two or three Hershey Kisses on a teaspon and wrap in tulle and ribbon with the following poem attached; "We thank you for coming with a spoonful of kisses, to bless our beginning as Mr and Mrs" - Una
  10. Buy bath salts, you can make them yourself out of rock salt and add fragrance and colouring, and then fill in small bottles - Una
  11. Look into companies that can supply miniature port bottles with a personalised label with all your wedding details - Nancy
  12. Purchase little seed packets so they can plant them and watch them grow? You can even make your own customised packets - Michelle
  13. A recipe book of all your favourite recipes, or perhaps of the wedding feast itself - Tash
  14. Gourmet coffees or teas - Prue
  15. Try silver tins wrapped in material the same as the bridesmaids dresses. Inside you can fill with gourmet ground coffee for the guys, and fine china tea leaves for the girls - Louise
  16. A fridge magnet that is significant to you - Kylie
  17. Give your guests roc candy with your names written in it. It looks gorgeous and tastes delicious! - Donna
  18. Hand paint drink coasters (which you can buy from a craft shop and are very inexpensive), and print out a sticker for the flip side with your names, wedding date and a special quote - Sheri
  19. Burn a CD for everyone with music from the wedding and print a cover yourself on your computer - Marie
  20. Or take the CD idea one step further...have a song written especially for your wedding day and present it to your guests as a keepsake - Amity
  21. Make a donation to your favourite charity on everyone's behalf - Mel
  22. Small chinese take away boxes (the cardboard ones not the plastic ones!!!!) and put anything that fits and says something about you inside; for example heart chocolates, tea, lavender bags, incense, a poem - Danny
  23. Variation on the above... for those who love attention to detail include something in the box that will be significant to each individual guest - Becky
  24. Buy little heart shaped bottles, tie ribbon around the neck, fill with lollies and add a little tag with the guests name, and a poem of love - Rachel
  25. Get little hair clips made for all the women with a silk flower that the bride had in her bouquet. Get some ideas from designers who all make these hair accessories. The younger guest can wear the flowers with bobby pins, the older guests can wear them as a brooch or hair clip - Rebecca
  26. Purchase little candles, in a colour that suits your wedding theme. Attach a little note saying. 'Whenever you light this candle, remember our special day, for we enjoyed your presence, More than words can say" - Rhonda
  27. Give your female guests little potted plants with an inscription on the pot, a momento they can keep forever - Sandra
  28. Buy simple key ring and have them engraved with your names and wedding date, or even a "lucky" silver coin - Bianca
  29. Wine stoppers - Jade
  30. If you are planning a beach wedding, make up little "shipwreck bottles" using little alcohol bottles with sand and place a poem from the two of you inside - Carly
  31. Place on the table for each guest inflated balloons in colours to suit your theme, filled with confetti stars. Attach a cascading ribbon which is then attached to a small glass momento filled with initialised chocolates and a fortune cookie with a love quote - Belinda
  32. To keep tradition but with a twist, try white sugar almonds in see through bags with the gold trim. Tie with a ribbon to a tall Italian liqueur glass, which has a gold pattern around the rim - Michele
  33. Buy small terracotta pots and spray paint them red. Also buy candle wax and pour the wax into the terracotta pots. I had the pattern of the flowers on my dress scanned and used the flowers as the theme for my wedding. This was used right through for the invitations, church brochures, cake, place cards and even painted on the sides of the terracotta pots for the bombonieres - Sally
  34. Give your wedding guests a wine charm that goes on their champagne glass at the wedding and to keep and use at home - Francesca
  35. Buy punnets of berries in paper caskets with embossed tags listing your name and the wedding date. Perfect for spring weddings - Emma
  36. Tealights that feature the colour or motif of you wedding day - Leonie
  37. Place incense sticks wrapped in silk tied with a string diagonally across each guest table setting - Maya
  38. Ask your cake designer to make small versions of your wedding cake as bomboniere for each guest, it will take their breath away! Yes, I know it is extravagant, but you can dream! Stephen
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