There will always be wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses, that will never change but to say that wedding fashion stays the same...NEVER!!! There is always a new white, a new style, a new applique, a new shoe, a new satin, a new head piece. i-do brides have your wedding fashion questions and dilemas answered here from Australia's leading wedding dress designers.

Q - My wedding dress is a strapless a-line in light gold satin with ivory lace over the top. I am unsure what colour bridesmaids dresses would be best. They will be wearing cocktail length strapless a-line dresses.

A - Many colours go with gold and they include a deep gold, burgundy, pale blue, pale pink, mint green or a pale green shot with gold, black. Any colour you choose will look fantastic.

Q - I am on a bit of a tight budget for my wedding so was wondering who pays for the bridesmaid dresses? Would it be cheaper to hire or to make them? I will be having five bridesmaids and it will be a traditional wedding with the reception being formal.

A - Generally bridesmaids pay for their own dresses but it depends on your culture. Some suggestions for keeping costs down is go halves with your girls in the cost if they are off the rack. If you are getting them made you can pay for the fabric and the girls can pay for the making. The cost of hiring varies, you will have to do some research. There are shops that carry bridesmaid dresses in various price ranges. You will need to speak to your bridesmaids individually and find out how much they are willing to spend etc.

Q - I am not getting married for another 5 months, yet my mother believes that I should get my dress dry cleaned before the wedding day, as it was off the rack and has a few little marks on it. After doing this what is the best way to it stored? I would hate for any little creepy crawlies to get near it!

A - Firstly if you do not need to get it dry cleaned - don't. See if a dry cleaner can spot clean it. They will advise. Storing your gown can be done either by hanging it in a garment bag or in a box with acid free tissue paper.

Q - This will be my second marriage and all the dresses I can see are for first time brides. What is the usual fashion for second timers? Is it the norm to have a dress with a train or should I just get an evening dress?

A - These days there are no hard and fast rules as to what you wear for a second marriage. A lot will depend on your theme or where you are getting married. Many women choose a beautiful evening gown in white, ivory or a colour. Some women also choose to be a full bride again. You have to keep in mind the style of wedding, if you are getting married on a beach then a big long train is not suitable.

Q - My partner has chosen a female to be one of his groomsperson. We don't know what she should wear? Can you help?

A - Your groomswoman can wear the same colour as your bridesmaids but a different style and then the rest of the guys can wear ties to match.

Q - I was wondering how I can make my wedding dress smell like your perfume before the big day?

A - You can put your favourite perfume on a hankie and put it in a little bag and put it inside the gown. Make sure it is dry before you put it in as you do not want perfume marking your gown.

Q - What colour dresses should my bridesmaids should wear that will go with pink tiger lilly and freshia boquets? I thought a light shade of pink but the idea of pink ties on the groomsmen doesn't thrill me! Maybe blue, or would that be to much of a mix of colours seeing as my wedding theme is based around pinks and lillies?

A - There are many colours that will go with pink tiger lillies. They are varying shades of pink from pale to hot pink, baby blue, lilac, silver and green in various shades. If you decide on pink the guys could wear silver ties as this colour goes with just about anything.

Q - I have just received my wedding dress back from the dress maker and would like to spot clean. How do you suggest to do this?

A - I would suggest taking it to a dry cleaner to get your spot cleaning done. Make sure it is one that has experience in wedding gowns.

Q - My wedding is in November, and I was wondering when would be the best time to start looking at bridesmaids dresses for the spring/summer season?

A - Spring/summer should be coming out June/July. If you are going to get your dresses made you can do it know because all new fabrics are in.

Q - I have just bought my wedding gown. I have 12 months until the big day, how should I store it?

A - Your gown can be stored in a garment bag in your wardrobe or boxed with acid free tissue paper. Two months before your wedding pull it out and arrange for your alterations and pressing to be done.

Q - Is there anything wrong with hiring your wedding dress if you are on a tight budget, or would it be cheaper to make my wedding dress?

A - There is nothing wrong with hiring a dress but be aware of things about the dress you choose. Find out how mant times it is being hired out before your big day and if someone damages before you what happens. I do not know how much it costs to hire a gown so do your homework into hiring costs and then also in getting a dressmaker to make a gown and then make your decision.

Q - I am a South-Indian/Indonesian girl brought up and living in Melbourne. I am engaged to be married to an English boy and would to incorporate some Indian influences into our wedding. Any suggestions on what I can wear for the wedding that is both Anglo and fashionable in the Western Society, while still making a strong statement about my South Indian and Indonesian roots?

A - Beautiful embroidery will keep with Indian theming but is still very modern with todays brides. Indian saris tend to have a lot of either gold or silver thread so you could do the embroidery in these colours or the veil that you wear (if you are) can have the same working on it, around the edge.

Q - I have purchased my perfect wedding dress, an ivory, delustered satin Empire line. It is slightly Edwardian and very elegant. I have purchased a full length hooded cape in the same material, and colour, as it will be a winter wedding. My fiancé and the groomsmen will be wearing black pants and artist style ivory shirts in the same material as my dress. How do I make the groom 'stand out'? What colours do you recommend for the bridal party? I love rose pink, but the girls aren't so thrilled. My mother in law has suggested gun-metal grey.

A - Had you ever thought to put the groomsmen in shirts to match the girls? If that idea doesn't appeal to you then make the buttonholes different. Remember everyone at the wedding does know who the groom is. If you like rose pink the colours that go with it are gunmetal grey (as suggested) silvery blue, apple or mint green, fuschia, or cornflower blue.

Q - I'm having trouble figuring out what kind of dress would suit my body shape. I'm 162cm tall and a size 16 at the moment but will hopefully be a 12-14 for my wedding. I have always had large breasts and don't want to hide my bust but I don't want them to look even bigger! I was also thinking about an A line type skirt. We are having a summer wedding in a park very close to the beach.

A - A two piece or a princess line dress would be the most suitable. The skirt shape should be an a-line style and the neckline could either be steapless, v-neck or slightly off the shoulder. Remember the higher you go in neckline the bigger it will make you look in the bust.

Q - I am looking at getting my dress made in an atlantic ice blue Thai silk however it is only a subtle blue. I am getting married at the vine yards and would like to have pale green for the bridesmaids dresses. If the colours clash too much I was thinking of going with a purple/pink colour. What do you think?

A - Your wedding colour scheme is perfect. You have chosen and ice blue and if you keep your bridesmaids in the same toning as you but in green it will all blend in. I do believe the pale green will blend better than the purpely pink. You can then off set you all with silver accessories, shoes and then the blue, green and silver can be all used in your decorations etc.

Q - I have just bought my two bridesmaids dresses which are black. How do I make a strapless black dress into a bridesmaid dress by use of accessories? I instantly thought of a wrap but it's been done to death. Maybe flowers, feathers or a broach but I just don't know!

A - Black dresses are always great and they can be dressed up with jewellery for eg. necklace, bracelet and earrings. You do not have to have a shawl but it depends what month your wedding is. Gloves is always another option.

Q - I've been searching for the perfect fabric for my gown and my designer thinks one particular fabric would be just fantastic. It's a really light embroidered tuille however it has gold thread. Gold does suit me but is it a bit daggy or is it Hollywood?!

A - Your fabric for your dress sound beautiful. Gold is not daggy and is making a comeback. I would take the advice of your designer.

Q - My wedding is pretty organised except for my mum's outfit. I really want my mum to feel and look beautiful on the day. Mum is 170cm tall and at least a 20+. My bridesmaids will be in fushia . I was thinking of apple green and maybe a Jacket? What kind of styles should we look at keeping in mind it's a winter wedding?

A - I would suggest getting something made for your mum. The colour you have chosen would be perfect as pink and green look fantastic together so you know your mum will tone in with your bridesmaids. A suitable style would be a 3/4 length dress and this can be lengthening and slimming and then a jacket to go over. The dress can be done in a plain fabric and the jacket could be done in a detailed fabric.

Q - I know the usual interpretation of Black Tie for women guests is evening dresses, however I am not particularly comfortable about wearing a dress. Would it be totally unacceptable to wear tailored trousers, a sexy top, with great shoes and accessories? Any suggestions?

A - Many people interpret black tie many ways. You have to wear what you feel comfortable in. If you are going to wear trousers make sure thay are in an evening fabric such as silk as well as your top. Team this with evening shoes and bag and as you said great jewellery and you will be dresses for the occasion.

Q - I am having a rainbow wedding. It has always been my dream to have the bridesmaids in different colours. What I am now tossing up is to have the girls in black tops with coloured skirts and wraps to match the boys. They are wearing all black suits with black shirts and coloured ties to match the girls.

A - Your colour scheme sounds fantastic. When I have done two tone weddings the skirts are normally black with coloured tops but either way will certainly work.

Q - I have my dress at home and I don't get married for 6 months yet, I'm going to have alterations done to it. Do you suggest I get it dry-cleaned before the wedding as it is a dress that I brought of the rack? The only place that it is marked is around the hem line.

A - I would not get the dress dry cleaned before the wedding. If there are marks around the hem chances are they will be cut off when your hem is levelled. If not the person that is altering your dress should be able to spot clean it.

Q - I plan on riding my horse to my wedding, which will be an outside affair. I've fallen in love with a gorgeous dress with a full skirt that needs a two bar hoop. Would I still be able to ride wearing this or should I look at other styles of dress, or perhaps leave off the hoop?

A - I think it is fantastic riding your horse but I would not change your dress or leave off the hoop. What you need to do is get the hoop and go sit on your horse and see how it feels or ride side saddle.

Q - I am 5 foot 5 and used to wearing high heels every day. I have bought a pair of gorgeous mules for the wedding day but the heel is only 5cm. I feel underdressed for some reason. Is it true that I will be on my feet for most of the day therefore should wear comfortable shoes? Will people really notice that I don't look as tall as I normally do?

A - A wedding day is a very long day, up to 12 hours or more on your feet so comfort is important. You have an advantage that you wear heels all day. I am sure no one will notice your difference in height because by the time you have you hair done and your veil in you will look
the same.

Q - I have an off-white organza ballgown with pale pink detail and bright pink rose posy. My Mum is walking me down the aisle and is wearing a pale blue dress in silk with organza jacket and platinum shoes. She was going to wear cream but decided against it. Does this sound OK? We are not slim women and I am short while Mum is tall. She's afraid we'll look like a merged big pale-coloured mass! She is only 52, so should she wear something more glamorous? It is a 1pm wedding with reception at 5:30pm. Also what colour should her corsage be?

A - Your mum sounds like she is wearing the perfect outfit to take her through the whole day. If she was to wear cream you might have looked like a 'merged mass' as you said but you will both stand out. I think a white corsage is apropriate.

Q - I am hoping to wear a Greek Goddess style gown. I want it to be extremely classy so need some advice on styles. I am also thinking of red bridesmaids gowns (carrying white roses) whilst I wear white (carrying red roses)., what should the men wear?

A - Greek goddesses wear soft silky flowing fabric with drape work. I would suggest going to a designer and discussing your ideas. The designer should be able to then turn that into a "godess gown". Your colour scheme sounds beautiful. The guys could wear all black including shirts and the ties can be done to match back to yourself and the girls.

Q - I am making my own dress and have sewing experience but unsure of a couple of things. My dress has a low back with crystal cross over straps. How should these straps be attached so that I can undo them to get into the dress?

A - Whenever I do crossover straps I make them so they attach with press studs at the back. They are on the inside of the dress so you can't see them. Buy metal press studs that are a decent size. Do not buy the liitle ones as they will not be secure.

Q -My wedding dress has a very long train. I was wondering what I should do with the train while travelling in our car to the ceremony so it's not too crumpled when I walk down the aisle. The train will have a loop halfway which can be hooked to a button for the reception. Should I hook it up while travelling and then unhook it when we arrive? I'm just worried that when I'm sitting in the car deep creases may show up in the train. My veil is also very long and drapes to the ground. Should I put the veil on before or after I arrive at the ceremony?

A - Generally your train will sit along the back of the car above the seat. The same with your veil. You are then only sitting on you petticoat or hoop. Your veil should be on when you leave the house.

Q - What does 'Lounge Suit' currently mean for men and women?

A - Lounge suit for men generally means a suit and tie and for women a nice cocktail or evening dress.

Q - I'm trying to figure out the best shape dress and type of material for my wedding dress. I'm 172cm, with quite broad shoulders and a bit of extra insulation (!) around the hips and thighs! I believe my best features are my calves and my neck. Is there a way to accentuate those whilst taking the emphasis off my hips? It will be a summer wedding, and I love flowing fabrics!

A - I am assuming you want to hide your hips and thighs so an a-line skirt is always flattering. either a strapless or v-neck would
also be good. Your skirt can be done in a beautiful silk georgette or organza and then use a satin in your bodice. You need to try on different
styles to see what you fell comfortable in.

Q - I have decided to wear a veil. How should it be worn? Over the face (or is that too old fashioned)? At the top of the head or at the back?

A - A veil these days can be worn over the face or not. It is your choice as to what you feel comfortable with. Where you wear your veil in your hair depends on the hairstyle. You can decide this when you have a hair trial.

Q - I am to be married overseas in Turkey. It is a civil ceremony and as I am marrying in a Muslim country, my dress needs to be modest and not revealing. It is a second marriage for me and I don't want to look too "bridey" . I am a full busted woman but do not have a defined waist and my hips are narrower than my bust! What can you suggest? I want to look great on our special day! I am 5 Foot 3 inches tall and have very long auburn hair. Any suggestions there?

A - I would suggest wearing an a-line dress with panel lines as that lengthens the body. A nice flattering v-neck would suit your bustline, because the higher your neck the bigger it will make you look in the bust. If you need a sleve maybe a sheer would still cover you but not be heavy.

Q - I am getting married in a church and my priest has okayed me wearing a headpiece (like you wear to the races) instead of a veil. What sort of gown would look good with a headpiece?

A - I would suggest choosing your gown first before deciding on your headpiece but a beautiful bias cut gown would look great providing it suits you. Maybe something with lace and then you can bring it in to your headpiece.

Q - I'm having a lunch time wedding on a boat and my dilemma is what to put my two attendants in. One is a size 8 - 10 and the other is very pair shaped with a size 16 top and size 20 bottom with a middle section she hates. While I would still like something that is elegant, I don't want it to over done but not too casual at the same time, and preferably something
that they could wear again if they are going to pay for it. I've spent countless weekends looking around with them and we haven't seen anything that makes us happy! Any suggestions?

A - It sounds like you need to get your girls dresses made. An a-line skirt or dress is always flattering on any figure. You can always put the girls in a style that suits them individually but use the same colour and fabric. You must remember that your fuller figured bridesmaid needs to feel just as good as your smaller girl.

Q - Our wedding is to be a formal occasion. My partner and his two groomsmen will be wearing military uniforms and I will have two bridesmaids and three flower girls. With such a range of body shapes and colours (the uniforms are Army and Air Force) what would be suitable colour/s for the flower girls and bridesmaids so that everyone blends without clashing colours?

A - The flowergirls could wear the same colour as you. The bridesmaids could wear any of the following colours: sage or any shade of green providing it looks good on the girls, indigo or navy, gold, silver.

Q - I am having a Garden wedding in a Gazebo. I have a white dress with a train and beautiful embroidery in the bust area and down the side of the dress. My Fiancée is wearing a traditional black and white tuxedo. The problem I am having is deciding on the Veil. I am having my hair up and want the volume factor, with curls and drops of hair around my face. If I put a veil on I don't want it at the top of my head, but possibly at the back. Will this be difficult to then pull it over my face? There is also beautiful embroidery on the back of my dress which I don't want the veil covering up. Can I get away with having a short veil? Are there any tricks of the trade you can pass on? Do you think it will affect my photo's if I take the veil off at the reception or even half way through my photo's after the ceremony?

A - You sound very confused about a veil. Firstly you need to try your dress on then try various tyoes of veils. If you do not feel comfortable wearing one, don't. You will still be a bride. If you decide to wear one you do not have to wear it over your face. You can take it off during your photos. People will still be able to see the detail on the back of your dress as veils are see through.

Q - My wedding dress is heavliy beaded at the top in pearls and sequins with the same pearls and sequins on the bottom. I was thinking of wearing pearl earrings and no other jewellery. What do you think?

A - You need to put your dress on and try all different types of earrings to see what suits. I would also try some necklaces on also just to make sure you do not want to wear one.

Q - I'm getting married at a park with a small gathering of family and friends. This is my second marriage so I decided upon a dress I can wear again. It's chiffon, sleeveless and in a champagne colour. I looked desperately for a dress with sleeves with no luck. I ordered a shawl the same colour and fabric, but unfortunately it's not that wide, but it will cover some of my shoulders. Is this appropriate choice?

A - A shawl is fine for your outdoor wedding. You may be a bit cold but you are normally a bit pre-occupied on your wedding day. You could try a fake fur stole in the colour as your dress.

Q - My dress is off-white with very subtle pink detail. The boys don't want pink, so we're thinking of the bridesmaid/s in deep blue dresses (to match the men) and the highlight being bright pink roses. Does the colour scheme go together? Should there be gold or silver accessories?

A - The colour scheme you have chosen sounds beautiful. You are bringing it all together with your flowers. I woul recomend silver accessories.

Q - I have four bridesmaids, one is pregnant, one has a small baby, one is in England and one in Sydney. I have found a bridesmaid dress that is really perfect - a two piece with a bodice which is very similar to my gown. Both should be able to be taken in at the sides. The shop assistant said I could buy a dress 2 sizes up for the pregnant friend and just get measurements for the others (two can try them on). I can mail one to England and get her to try it on. Would it be easier buying these and having alterations made or just getting them made? If I get them made would I be able to find a similar pattern or get the dressmaker to copy it?

A - I would suggest getting the gowns made. The overseas bridesmaid can send measurements over and her final fitting can be done when she arrives for the wedding. The two that can try on are available for fittings. Your pregnant bridesmaid might need a slightly different dress. It depends on the style and how many weeks she is. Her dress can be made closer to the wedding. A dressmaker should not need a pattern just a sketch of the dress and you would then choose your fabric.

Q - I am having burgundy bridesmaids dresses, but my matron of honour cannot wear anything with red in it. Is there a colour that she can wear that will blend in beautifully with the burgundy?

A - The colours that would go with burgundy are black, navy, gold, orange or earth tones. You nedd to try them on her.

Q - What sort of veil should I have with my dress? I am a 5'2" pear-shape but I have managed to find a bouffy dress that doesn't make me look 3' tall! It is a silk white soft organza ballgown strapless dress with very subtle pink detail on the bodice and a substantial train. I like the idea of the longer veils and feel cut in half by very short veils but am not sure what is the ideal length or fabric.I like the idea of an organza veil but haven't seen any of these. Also, the dress is off the rack but they don't have great variety in veils, can I get it somewhere else even though I'm not buying the dress there?

A - Veils are like wedding dresses. There are many styles and one will suit you and your gown the best. You need to try on different types. Mostly veils are made in tulle so in retail outlets it will be difficult to find an organza veil. Organza is thicker so it is harder to see through. If you are not planning on wearing it over your face then it should be fine. I would suggest ringing some shops that have big selections of veils and see if you can take your dress in to the shop and then try the veils on.

Q - I am looking at getting married in Tasmania only 2-3 weeks after my baby is born. I am only 5 ft 2 and am normally a size 14. What style of dress would you recommend for my height and size. As it will be a beach wedding I don't want to wear anything too formal.

A - Your body is still in pregnancy state that soon after the birth, but every woman is different. You are going to have to buy a dress or get one made that is bigger than your normal size especially in the bust area if you are planning on breastfeeding. A-line styles are always flattering to any figure and you can then put a sheer overlay which can suit a beach theme. You must also keep in mind the weather in Tasmania as I assume it will be cold. You could have a bodice that has little straps and then have a sheer shawl for some extra warmth. Whatever gown you decide keep in mind of your comfort as you have just had a baby and your body will change daily.

Q - I am planning on having my bridesmaids dresses made - long dresses in gold. Can you tell me what is the best type of fabric?

A - The best fabric for your bridesmaid dresses would be either delustered satin or dupion silk. There is many shades of gold available.

Q - I am getting married in minus 15 degrees with a strapless dress! What can I wear or make to keep myself warm and not blue?! The reception is inside but still I have to travel between cars and reception and church.

A - Sounds like a very cold wedding day. I would suggest a faux fur wrap or cape to keep you warm and long gloves. You could also do a full length cape with a hood as an alternative. You can get faux fur in many shades of white and ivory assuming this is the colour that you are wearing as you have not mentioned it.

Q - I have my eye on an off the shoulder corset style wedding dress that is ivory but has very light peach coloured embroidery over the whole dress. This colour is not obvious but I don't know what colour I could have the bridesmaids dresses as I don't want them in peach. My fiancee wants to wear a royal blue suit instead of the traditional black. What colours could I have the bridesmaids in, or do you think I would be better going with the same dress but with ivory embroidery?

A - If you are going to choose a bridesmaid colour that will clash with the peach embroidery, such as red, then I would go for all ivory. If you are going to choose a pastel for your girls such as pale pink then the peach is fine.

Q - I am returning to Australia after 3 years for a friends Black Tie wedding and am confused about what to wear. I've purchased a lovely pale gold A-line delustered satin gown, ankle length (it's full length at the moment but I entend to hem it) with spagetti straps and plunge V neckline (quite simple and elegant) or I could go with a plain long black straight skirt (which I would have to purchase) and an existing simple two-tone purple/pink bodice. This seems less dressy and possibly more contemporary but I would prefer not to have to spend the cash to buy the skirt (since I've already bought the dress). The wedding is in the country.

A - It sounds like the gold dress you have is perfect. Black Tie is referred to as women in evening dresses and the men in dinner suits or tuxedos. I have found that for a women any excuse to dress up she will and a wedding is no exception.

Q - I was thinking of having my brother as my bridesman, what would you recommend him to wear? The same as the groomsmen or maybe a little different to show that he was with me?

A - In regards to what your Bridesman should wear, I would suggest making him wear the same suit as the guys but for his tie and vest to be made out of the bridesmaids fabric.

Q - Are the Page Boys supposed to dress like the Groom or the Groomsmen? Should their cravattes be the colour of the groom's (ivory) or the groomsmen (blue)?

A - The pageboys should dress like the groom so therefore wear ivory cravats.

Q - My wedding dress a black embroidery on the bodice. Is it appropriate to have black bridesmaids dresses?

A - Black is definitely OK for your bridal party. I have made many black bridesmaid dresses and have also been in a black bridal party.

Q - I want to have my guests attend our wedding in formal dress, but certain members of my family think that it will be too uncomfortable to ask ladies who never wear dresses to wear one.

A - Formal attire for women includes dresses and beautiful pants suits in evening fabrics. These days everyone interprets evening wear in many different ways. I do know that most women love the opportunity of dressing up for special occasions as they do not get to do it often. Please also remember it is your wedding so if you want it formal, well then have it formal.

Q - My two bridesmaids are different height, shape and personality. One is tall, sassy, and slightly pear shaped; the other is short and heavier with an hourglass figure and possesses a more conservative style. I would like their dresses to be as individual as they are while still maintaining some uniformity of style (a la Sex & the City Charlotte's Wedding). What would you suggest?

A - I would put the girls in the same skirt, such as an a-line skirt, which is flattering on any figure and then let then choose their own bodice. This always looks fantastic. You would also put them in the same colour.

Q - I am thinking of having a red bridal gown, very strapless A-line. What colours do you think my bridesmaids should wear? There are no colour themes at my wedding.

A - Suitable colours would be a deeper shade of your colour, black, navy, silver, charcoal grey or get all your girls to wear different vibrant colours each such as emerald, green and blue.

Q - I am thinking about the style of my gown and would like to go for the "dreamy" look, with soft flowing material. I'll be wearing diamonte thong style slip on shoes and just flowers in my hair. Can you suggest a certain style to suit this look?

A - I would go for a bias cut gown in either a silk satin or silk georgette. These a both soft flowing fabrics. the neckline would be the one that flatters you the most.

Q - I am getting married in Winter. What sort of material would keep me warm, but still look nice?

A - Just because you are getting married in winter does not mean you have to wear a winter fabric unless that is your theme. Suitable fabrics are silk duchess satin, delustered satin, dupion silk or even velvet.

Q - I am currently trying to decide on colours of the bridal party. I have one bridesmaid, one junior bridesmaid and a flower girl. The bridesmaid is looking at wearing a blue dress. The two younger girls would love to wear purple. Would these clash or be ok together?

A - You can use blue and purple together but they have to be in the same tone. It would be better to use these two colours in the pastel tones not in the deeper shades.

Q - I am about to be married for the second time. I have a 13 year old daughter and was wondering what she should wear. Is scarlet or terracotta too grown up in your opinion?


Q - I am about to be married for the second time. I have a 13 year old daughter and was wondering what she should wear. Is scarlet or terracotta too grown up in your opinion?

A - Your daughter should wear a dress that suits her and compliments you. Girls of that age love to get dressed up. A style that would suit could be an a-line skirt and a bodice with little straps. The two colours that you have in mind need to be held up to your daughter, if they are to bright, a shade lighter should be fine.

Q - The dress I'm considering is ivory and has a warm glow to it, however I feel the jewellery I had planned (white gold ring and pearls) has a cooler tone and would be better suited to a white dress. I am not a fan of yellow gold and was wondering if there any general rules about what jewellery should be worn with different shades of 'white'?

A - There is generally no rule, but I do find silver or white gold looks good with white and gold looks great with ivory. I do find that the lighting in the shop does effect the colour so do try and look at it under natural light.

Q - I am a larger lady and am getting married. I am not ashamed of my size, but would like a dress that is pretty and feminine, without making me look like I am wearing a sheet. What style of dress would you recommend?

A - The most suitable style of gown for you would be a princess line gown which has panel lines running downwards which is slimming and lengthening. Your neckline and sleeve line would be determi9ned by what you feel looks the most flattering.

Q - I am a size 10, have just chosen a dream Wedding Dress a bodice and skirt in deep red silk shantung), only to find that I am pregnant with our second child! I have put a deposit on the dress, but wonder whether I would be better off chosing a different style. I will have just started to show. Of course I want to look as beautiful as possible, whether that's by accentuating my bump, or cunningly disguising it!

A - Just because you are pregnant you shouldn't need to compromise on your wedding gown. You will probably find you can still wear the same dress you just might need to make the skirt waist bigger and the bodice is best done as a lace up back so it can be easily adjusted. If most people at your wedding know that you are pregnant why disguise it and you will look beautiful no matter what.

Q - I have chosen a sheath dress and sandals with a small heel. I have also chosen to wear a hat. Can you please tell me what I should do with my hair (which is currently just above shoulder height, but growing). Obliviously I will not be wearing my hat during the reception, so I need something that allows me to easily take it off.

A - You need to wear your hair in a style that will not give you a "hat head" for your reception. I would suggest speaking to your haidresser that is doing your hair on the day and they can advise a style that is best suited to wearing a hat and not. Once your hat comes off for the reception you will no doubt have to do a bit to your hair so make sure you have a comb and a can of hairspray in your emergency kit.

Q - I am from London and my daughter is getting married in Sydney in summer. Because of the distance it will be quite a small gathering but she will be wearing a wedding dress. Given that I'm (only!?!) 39 and the fact that it will be blistering hot out there can you give me any ideas on what type of style I could wear? My daughter has picked a champagne coloured gown and the bridesmaids will be either the same or similar colour - should I try to tone in?

A - When choosing a colour for yourself it is always good to compliment the bride and bridal party but you must also wear a colour that suits you. Yes summer can be hot in Sydney. I would suggest a beautiful dress, maybe 3/4 lenght, and then maybe a sheer jacket that goes over the dress. The sleeves could be either long 3/4 on the jacket. The fabric could have embroidery or beading on it. My other suggestion would be a beautiful evening gown. You must choose fabric that suits your personality and age.

Q - I'm getting married on a sailboat just off Great Keppel Island and am having enormous difficulty deciding on what to wear. It is a second wedding for us both, with only one other family present. Considering we will be sailing, eating, drinking, then snorkling with our 9 & 10 year olds should I wear a short dress, maybe something very light & flowy? I would like my daughter to wear something similar to me. Also what about the boys?

A - Sound like a beautiful way to get married. I would suggest a soft flowing dress in a georgette for your self in a simple design and putting some fresh flowers in your hair. Your daughter can wear a similar dress. The men can
wear nice beige linen shorts or pants and white soft shirts.

Q - I have bob length hair and am planning on wearing it pulled back into a simple low ponytail. My veil is gathered on to a comb. Should I place the comb above or below my ponytail or take it off the comb and gather it onto a hairband to tie around my ponytail?

A - You should leave your veil on the comb and place it above your ponytail.

Q - My gown has a V-neck front and a low back. I am a B-cup and was wondering if there was anything I could wear for support so as to not look completelyflat-chested.

A - I would suggest putting bra cups in your gown. Speak to the shop that you purchased your gown from and they will be able to put them in.

Q - I am losing weight for my wedding day. What would you advise for me to do in terms of looking for a dress as I'm not too sure what to do. If I am to get the dress now, it may be too big by the time of the wedding.

A - If you are planning to purchase a gown off the rack then I would advise buying the size closest to you. The reason being is it is easier to take in than let out, if the gown you purchased was to small or you did not lose the amount of weight that you wanted to. If you are planning to get a gown made for you then you need to speak to your dressmaker or designer and find out what they recomend as we are all different. I tell my clients a date where they have to stabilise their weight so I can commence fittings.

Q - My fiancé and his groomsmen are wearing traditional Scottish kilts in the Stewart Royal Tartan which is a red based tartan with a few colours such as blue and yellow threaded through it. At this stage I am favouring black bridesmaid dresses as I think this would look the smartest, rather than a colour. Can you make any other suggestions? I love the idea of black, but a few people have questioned if it is appropriate.

A - I think black is very appropriate. I have done many bridal parties in black and it looks so stylish. You must remember it is your wedding and nobody elses, so you must have what you want. Your bridesmaids will appreciate being able to wear a dress again.

Q - We are getting married on the beach. We would like our wedding to be resonably casual - we are a little unsure of dress for the groom and groomsmen. We would like them to look separate from the guests and tie in with the bridesmaides - is wearing a buttonhole on their shirts okay if they are not wearing jackets?

A - I find with beach weddings the men tend to wear a really nice pair of pants and maybe a linen shirt. As I do noy know what colour or style of dresses your bridesmaids are wearing I can not advise on colour. The men can most definintely wear a buttonhole on their outfits.

Q - I am quite short (5 foot) and weigh 45kg. What style of dress and fabric should I be looking at that won't make me look shorter than I already am? I don't want to appear "stumpy" or "scrawny".

A - You would suit an a-line style with panel lines as they are lengthening and you should go for a fabric that is not to heavy or stiff. A chiffon or georgette would be my suggestion.

Q - As this will be my second wedding I do not want to wear white and also avoid wearing a gown. What suggestions do you have? I am getting married in Winter.

A - You could wear a fabulous evening dress in any colour that flatters you. Just because your wedding is in Winter does not mean you have to wear a sleeve. You can create warmth by a wrap in either the fabric as your gown of faux fur.

Q - I am wearing a red wedding dress with a red veil. I can't decide what jewellery to wear. Should I wear something with a red stone or something with a clear stone. I can't work out if the red would be too much. The dress is quite plain, very full, with shoe string straps and a lace up bodice. There is no beading on the dress. Also my bridesmaids insist on wearing a very dull flat grey. I wanted them to wear silver but gave up arguing with them all. What can I do to make their dresses look a little more vibrant?

A - I would suggest trying on red and crystal jewellery with your gown. It always looks stunning if you can mix in both because your dress is plain you can go for a fabulous necklace and or bracelet. You can bring to life your bridesmaid dresses in many ways. Firstly flowers - maybe red roses with greenery. Secondly - jewellery, either bring in the red and silver from your necklace. You must remember that on the day you will find it will naturally come to life once the girls have hair, makeup flowers and jewellery on.

Q - How far ahead should bridesmaids dresses organised if they are going to be made. What I have in mind is very simple.

A - You can book to have your bridesmaid dresses made as far in advance as you wish. The design and fabric would be chosen and a deposit paid then 5-6 months before the wedding the measurements would be taken and then fittings will commence. I normally do a final fitting approximately 3 weeks before the wedding.

Q - My fiance and I were wanting to know the etiquette in wearing gloves as part of our bridal wear. When do we take them off to put the wedding rings on? Do we take them off before we get into the church, or do we take them off as we put the rings on, or do we just put the rings on over the gloves?

A - At your church rehearsal let your minister or priest know you are wearing gloves and he will tell you the appropriate time to take them off. It is usually just before the exchange of rings and you pass them to your matron of Honour and best man if both of you are wearing them.

Q - My mother does not wish to wear a hat to the wedding, as they do not suit her. I was told by a friend that if my mother does not wear one then the mother of the groom can not wear one either. Do you have any other suggestions?

A - If the grooms mum wants to wear a hat then let her. If your mujm doesn't then she shouldn't. Gone are the days of ''correct'' ettiquette. It is whatever keeps you and groom happy.

Q - When speaking to a bridal designer about making my brides & bridesmaids dresses, what questions do I need to ask?

A - The type of questions are:
1. How long does the whole process take?
2. How many months before the wedding should I book?
3. Will the quoted price change?
4. How many fittings will I have?
5. How soon before the wedding do I pick my gown up?
6. Do I have to wear a bra or does the bodice have it built in?

As you can see these are general questions. make sure you ask as many as you need to feel comfortable.

Q - I have found the perfect colour for my bridesmaids dresses, however I was unaware that I was in the cushion / drapery section of the store! Is it possible to make a dress out of empress silk, intended for furnishings?

A - There are certain fabrics from upholstery ranges that can be used in bridal or evening. I have used them myself. Without seeing the fabric I would say it is OK but please send me a swatch I can confirm that it is alright.

Q - My Wedding is just over a year away and I was wondering if it is too early to start looking for my dress? I would hate to gain 10kg or find another dress after I thought I had chosen the right one. When is the best time frame to start looking?

A - Now is a good time to start looking around for your wedding dress as most designers can book out a year in advance. When you put "the dress" on you will know it is the one for you. I am sure you do not intend on putting on 10kgs. When you order your dress you will have keep your weight stable.

Q - I was wondering if you had any information about wedding dresses for wonderfully large voluptuous women. Personally I am tall, curvy and an average size 22. I can't find any information about flattering wedding styles for my shape.

A - The most flattering style for you would be eithera-line or princess line gowns either in a dress or a two piece. You would have to try both on and compare them to see what looks the most flattering. Your neckline, whether it be on the shoulder or strapless would be determined by what you feel the most comfortable in.

Q - I have a query about style of bridemaids outfits. All my bridesmaid are tall and relatively thin except that two of them have recently just had childrenand are worried about their stomachs! I was wondering what sort of style would suit all my bridemaids and so that they all feel attractive and comfortable on the day. The colour I think I will pick will be dark green.

A - The most flattering skirt style for your girls would be an a-line skirt and a seperate bodice. A-line skirts tend to hide what you want to hide. The style of the bodice would depend on what the girls feel comfortable in particulary if they are breastfeeding and are fuller in the bust. You have chosen a great colour as darker colours tend to hide more rather than pastels.

Q - I am getting married in February 2003, and wondering what colours and styles will be in for next Summer?

A - These days your gown should reflect your personality not fashion. Lace is starting to make a come back in either a bodice or all over. Strapless dresses are still very popular along with crystal beading. I am finding brides are wanting their bridal party to be in stonger colours rather than pastels. These colours include various shades of pink, purple, blue, green and torquise.

Q - What kind of jacket should I buy to wear over my gown? It is a strapless satin in an A-line.

A - You should make your jacket in either the same fabric as your dress or in organza ,which is sheer. A bolero or shrug style would be most suitable that sits above your waistline.

Q - I have been invited to a breakfast wedding, and the dress for men is morning suit. What is suitable for the women?

A - Morning suit can cover a wide variety of outfits for women. The most popular would be either a beautiful dress (not evening) or a suit (skirt or pants) and a hat for the more adventurous. The men should wear a suit and tie.

Q - Is it necesary to wear stockings if my legs will not be seen? I loath them!

A - It is not necessary to wear pantyhose or stockings if you do not like them, especially if you are wearing open toe shoes. Most girls choose to wear them for the fact it is part of the wedding night lingerie.

Q - I am pear-shaped, short and narrow shouldered. I feel more comfortable in sleeves but every gown I see has the strapless look. What combinations of A-line/princess cuts, short/long sleeves and neckline would maybe suit? It is difficult imagining sleeves into a sleeveless dress? Also, how do you match veil length and hairstyle to that? I think I want my long hair down with a tiara for height and a long veil (not to cut my height down) , but I don't know what implications this has for the dress. Finally, what order do you do these things in? Pick the dress first then veil and hair, or try to do all of that before you buy the dress?

A - As the main fashion for bridal is strapless there is not a lot of gowns around with sleeves to try on. A suitable style for you would be is an A-line skirt and a bodice with a short cap sleeve and a scoop neckline and then adding any beadwork that you like on to the bodice. I recomend to all brides that approximately 8 weeks before their wedding organise a hair and make up trial and then they have a dress fitting in the afternoon. This is where we try on all types of headpieces, veils and jewellery to see what best suits the hair, gown and most of all the bride.

Q - I am the classic pear shape, and often read that with a figure like mine, I should wear "A"-line or Princess line, but what are they?

A - Many brides just like you are confused by this also. A-line and princess line are very similar but also very different. A-line is where your skirt flares out slightly from the hip. This can come in a skirt or a dress. Princess line is where you have panels in the front of your skirt or dress.

Q - We are getting married in Bali and whilst I want to look like a bride, I have to take into consideration the heat, it is going to be 30c plus! Can you please advise what type of gown and headwear would be best?

A - You most definitely want to be comfortable on your wedding day especially in the hot and humid heat of Bali. I would suggest wearing an a-line skirt in a soft fabric such as a lightweight delustered satin maybe with a georgette overlay to soften the skirt and give a flowing effect. The bodice should be a style that flatters your bust and shoulder line.You would have to try some bodices on to see what flatters you the most. Whether you wear a sleeve is up to you as it depends whether you are comfortable with the tops of your arms. As for your hair, on the day you can have it styled then a flower placed behind your ear to match your bouquet.

Q - When should I look at booking my dressmaker?

A - Most designers book out 12-18 months in advance but they can also do gowns in shorter time frames if need be. You should start trying on styles asap to see what suits you and then decide on who you want to make your gown. If you book a designer with 12 months notice your gown is not necessarily started straight away but you are booked and no one can take that away from you. Most designers will then start making your gown 6 months before your wedding day.

Q. If I choose to have my dress made with a designer, how many fittings will I have?

A. You will have approximately five fittings. Your first fitting will be in calico and this is where neck and waistline shapes are worked out and your overall fit. Your next few fittings will be in fabric and this is for checking details on your gown such as beading and general fitting. Your final fitting which is done 2-3 weeks from your big day is where your hem would be levelled so shoes are a must, and button and loop or zip placement is done.

Q. What is the difference between delustered satin and duchess satin?

A. Delustered satin is a polyester fabric which is available in a large variety of colours including white and ivory. This fabric is very common in wedding gowns that you buy 'off the rack'. Duchess satin is available in polyester and silk. The polyester duchess is a bit more shinier than delustered satin. Silk duchess satin is 100% pure silk and is also available in a variety of colours including white and ivory. This fabric is commonly used amongst designers. If you choose a white in a pure silk it will always be 'off white' as you cannot get a pure white in silk.

Q. What is the difference between off the rack and made to measure?

A. When you purchase a wedding gown off the rack the shop would order the size closest to your measurements. When your gown arrives in to the shop you would then have to have a fitting to get any adjustments made. this is normally an extra charge. When a gown is made to measure for you,your measurements are taken and then a calico is done. Once this is fitted your patterns are adjusted then your gown is cut out and sewn ready for a fitting in fabric. You will have numerous fittings all done to your exact body. A made to measure or couture gown is the ultimate in fit and the price of your gown includes all fittings.

Q. What can expect to pay for a gown made by a designer?

A. Most designers gowns start at $2,000 and go up to $5,000 or more. There gowns are normally done in imported silks and satins and use swarovski crystal. The workmanship is of the highest quality and so is the service.

Q. How do I know if my hair and make up is going to match my dress?

A. It is advisable, if possible, for every bride to take a day off work and go and have a hair and make up trial in the morning and have a fitting with their gown in the afternoon. This should be done approximately 8 weeks from you wedding day. At this fitting you can then choose the veil, headpiece and jewellery that best compliments your gown if you have not already done so.All questions answered by Nicole Fleming at Nicole Michelle Couture.

A. Most designers gowns start at $2,000 and go up to $6,000 or more. There gowns are normally done in imported silks and satins and use swarovski crystal. The workmanship is of the highest quality and so is the service.

Q. How do I know if my hair and make up is going to match my dress?

A. It is advisable, if possible, for every bride to take a day off work and go and have a hair and make up trial in the morning and have a fitting with their gown in the afternoon. This should be done approximately 8 weeks from you wedding day. At this fitting you can then choose the veil, headpiece and jewellery that best compliments your gown if you have not already done so.

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