Wedding Dress


Pre-loved, worn once wedding dresses can be a good choice when it comes to getting a value for money wedding dress. However make sure that buying the pre-loved wedding dress really will save you money.

Before purchasing a pre-loved wedding dress, make sure the dress has been carefully stored and drycleaned. If not you may find that you will have to dryclean yourself, a cost that can exceed $400. Simply having a carefully stored, drycleaned second hand wedding dress pressed is a much more cost effective option.

If you are purchasing a pre-loved wedding dress sight unseen you will need to get yourself measured up.

Depending on the style of the dress you may have to get measurements for inside and outside leg and arm, arm width, bust, length of torso, waist, hips etc. And make sure you have all the necessary measurements from the seller.

You don't want to purchase a second hand wedding dress only to find out that it will cost you twice as much to have it altered.

If you are considering buying a pre loved wedding dress, be prepared to make some alterations. If you really have your heart set on a pre-loved wedding dress and it seems like it will be a little too big, then consult a dressmaker. 

Check with the person making the alterations that it is in deed possible to alter the wedding dress and get a quote before you do so. Some alterations are expensive and if you are making a number of different alterations the cost can add up!!

Where To Find Pre-Loved Wedding Dresses? 

Worn Only Once sells second hand wedding dresses, they also stock bridesmaid dresses and mother-of-the-bride outfits.

You will also find second hand wedding dresses and other wedding accessories in the Forums.

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