The wedding day draws closer and you have picked up your wedding dress - anything that happens now is your responsibility.

These no nonsense tips that will ensure your wedding dress will look as good on your wedding day as it did when it left the store!

Before The Wedding Day

Always ask your wedding dress designer or dressmaker to give you advice on how your wedding dress should be stored over the next few days, weeks, months...

Avoid hanging the gown, especially if it is heavy, as this will cause stress on the seams or cause you fabric to stretch of tear. If your dress is suitable to hang use a good quality hanger, avoid the use of metal hangers.

It is recommended you store your wedding dress in a garment bag in your wardrobe preferably the one you received from the bridal boutique.

Don't store it anywhere damp or where it may come into contact with rats, possums or any other native marsupials and keep it clear from material loving moths.

Keep sharp items away from your gown, which may snag the fabric.

If you prepurchased your wedding dress 6 months or more prior to your wedding day pull it out and try it on again a month before the day.

Does it still fit? It may need alterations.

Don't iron your wedding dress!!!! If it needs pressing take it to a professional drycleaner.

Practice Makes Perfect

Yes, you are allowed one practice (if you dare) before the big day.

Practice putting on the dress, walking, turning, kneeling and moving like you will during the wedding ceremony and wedding reception. Get a feel for how the dress moves and how you handle the train if you have one.

Warning: Do not do this wearing makeup or in the presence of young kids, pets, open fires, any fires, coffees, red wine, soy sauce, food or fiances!!!! Clear the furniture so there is no chance of a snag and do not dress alone...have one of the bridesmaids help you into the wedding dress.

On The Wedding Day

Avoid wearing a bra before you put on your dress, particularly if you are wearing a strapless style dress. This way you won't leave any strap marks on your shoulders. Similarly, do not wear tight fitting socks that can leave a mark on your ankles.

If the bottoms of your shoes aren't already scuffed or scoured do so now to avoid any slip ups down the aisle! Scuff or scour the bottoms of your shoes on the foot path, or with a knife or sandpaper. Some people recommend spraying hair spray on the bottom of shoes - just ensure that it is hair spray not hair gloss which will have the opposite affect.

When you and your bridesmaids get into your dresses, tuck some tissues under your arms - there will be lots of running around, and no doubt nerves, this will prevent unsightly underarm spots from staing the wedding dress and bridesmaids dresses. Of course, don't forget to remove the tissues just before the ceremony!

Removing Stains

A great way to remove make-up from your wedding dress is with a piece of bread! It actually works exceptionally well, you just rub it over the mark & out it comes! Alternatively you can use dressmakers chalk or white chalk.

Bridesmaids are responsible to ensure you and your dress look beautiful throughout the wedding day, ask them to them to check for lippy on the teeth and to re-arrange your veil, wedding gown and anything else that might come unstuck during at the wedding!

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