Hiring a wedding dress can be a cost saving alternative to buying one to keep, particularly if your taste leans towards the Vera Wang variety.

Here is some advice and a load of questions to ask when hiring your gown. 

wedding dress hire

1. Do your homework

Costs vary greatly depending on the style you want, what features the dress has and how new the dress is. The quality of fabric and adornments is what puts a price tag on a dress as well as who designed it.  

2. Keeping it clean

Do you need to have the wedding dress drycleaned or is that included in the hire cost?  Some wedding dress hire businesses have arrangements in place with other dry cleaners and don't require you to dryclean the wedding dress prior to returning it. Drycleaning a wedding dress can cost upwards of $300 so it's worth asking. 

3. Checkered past

Check the history of the wedding dress. Ask how many times the dress you are hiring has walked down the aisle before you. Has there been any major repairs? Are their any stains on the gown?  

4. Try before you...hire.

 Always try the dress on well before the wedding day.  If you are hiring online, allow time for alterations to be made or to return the dress in case it's not what you want.  

5. Great expectations

Don't expect to be able to take the dress home the day you hire it, there may be another 10 weddings between then and your wedding.  Make a note of any marks. Take photos of the dress and it's finer details as a record and always ask what happens if another bride damages the gown before your wedding day.  

6. As new

Ask if the dress be professionally dry cleaned in the week prior to your wedding day.

7. Alterations

Find out if alterations can be made on the dress you hire should you shed any kilos or put on any kilos before the wedding day.

8. Change of mind

Ask if the hire company offer refunds or exchanges in case you change your mind? 

9. Damage

What happens if the dress is damaged on the wedding day, is there any insurance that covers the damage, if not what will the cost be?

10. No late fees

If you are heading off on your honeymoon the day after your wedding, enlist a responsible person to get the dress back to the store or off to the dry cleaner as it will most likely be needed the following weekend!

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