Lace Detail Wedding Dress


The desire to wear top-quality silk and lace is such a personal thing.

Italian silks are finished to a quality that does not compare to other silks that are finished elsewhere. Not only do Italian silks behave differently in the way they drape and move, the colours are unique; silk whites are a beautiful warm white – as opposed to the blue-white that cheaper silks and polyesters reflect, and ivories are a lovely creamy shade of white, rather than the yellow/gold that's reflected in other ivory fabrics.

There is also a difference in the finish. Italian silk satins are not super shiny, instead they have a more subtle gloss, which is more flattering the the figure, no matter what your shape and dresses made with Italian silks are less likely to cling or go static than cheaper alternatives.

The same goes for French laces. French lace is chic, elegant, timeless, sophisticated and feminine. If you are a lover of lace, it's likely you'll have already picked out the style of lace you want to wear either as an embellishment to your wedding dress or bodice. Qualtiy French laces include the more soft and delicate pure silk laces with intricate and elaborate scalloped borders, vintage-style laces, fine Chantilly laces, heavier Guippure laces, corded laces, fully-beaded or partially beaded laces and the more modern metallic-mixed laces.

Lace Wedding Dresses


In terms of shades of lace when it comes to wedding gowns, it's important to team up the lace and bridal silks correctly and that means ensuring there is a slight tonal difference between the silk fabric and the lace. The reason for this is that if the lace and silks are too close in colour, the lace will be lost on its background and will not feature as it should on the gown.

Quality French laces are not mass-produced. Rather, they are made from scratch and can take up to three months to receive, so if it's an exclusive French lace you are looking to wear on your wedding day, then you'll need to plan ahead!

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