1. The earl's daughter

vintage wedding dress

Adored Vintage

Just the name itself - Earl's Daughter - channels an era of sheer elegance which was seen during 1920s wedding celebrations. This ivory crepe silk wedding dress demonstrates the simplistic style of the era - stunning.

2. Great Gatsby glamour

vintage 1920s wedding dresses

Eliza Jane Howell

During a decade of art deco sophistication, these 1920s wedding dresses are gorgeously glamorous and perfect for a roaring 20s wedding. Find more gatsby wedding ideas.

3. Silk silhouette

vintage 1920s wedding dresses


The key to bridal style during the 1920s was for sleek silhouette skirt that hung long to the ground naturally fitting the bride. 

4. Glitter bug

vintage 1920s wedding dresses

Jenny Packham

The 1920s saw the rise of the elegant flapper style wedding dress with gorgeous detailing. Find gorgeous sparkling accessories to match.

5. For today

vintage 1920s wedding dresses

Caught the Light

Everyone loves a 1920s Gatsby wedding theme full the glitz and elegant glamour... To make it your own and add a modern twist swap the traditional wedding whites for bold turquoise gems. 

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