Sweet tooths and lovers of lollies should be in their element right now with the candy buffet trend well and truly here to stay and dessert options no longer limited to the obligatory wedding cake and coffee.

And wedding providers have well and truly taken to the trend giving couples not keen to DIY a wide array of options from candy stations to vintage-themed, all-chocolate buffets to colour coordinated sweets and more.

how to set up lolly buffets

Whether you want someone else to put it together - remember to ask your venue if they're familiar with the trend - or to come up with your own original version, there's plenty of scope to show off your creative flair and incorporate the lolly buffet into your broader theme and décor plan by complementing your bridesmaids' dresses, flowers or reception decorations.

From elegant cream themes to a mass of playful colour, from nature-inspired greens and blues to pretty pinks and pastels, lolly buffets offer incredible flexibility and scope to let your inner designer run riot.

Imagine scooping humbugs, gobstoppers and lollipops from mismatched apothecary jars for a vintage vibe, or floral cake trays laden with cupcakes, toffees or even lamingtons for the ambience of a high-tea.

For a more formal mood you can never go wrong with all white (think white chocolate, nougat and coconut ice) displayed on quality crystal tableware and served with polished silver tongs.

Consider tying in your sweets display to your table decorations by adding mini-signs or labels that coordinate with place cards, or repeating the centrepieces or floral decorations in both locations.

For those that don't want to DIY, there are now companies specialising in lolly buffets who will design, set up and serve your sweets for you.

This is certainly a trend which is accessible to everyone. Why not scour vintage markets for unique jars and glassware, check Etsy for handmade finds, pick up a collection of funky containers from Spotlight or IKEA or raid Vinnies or Red Cross stores for inspiration.

The Next Obvious Question Is: Where To Put It?

If you're making the lolly buffet a feature, and let's face it - why wouldn't you since it's such a divine idea - you can set it up at the entrance to your reception venue, adjacent the dance floor or alongside the bridal table (if you have one) but remember that guests are unlikely to be able to resist popping up for a visit throughout the evening so bear this in mind when considering the perfect spot.

Another option, venue permitting, is to place the candy station near the bar for late-night enjoyment, or even in a separate room if your venue lends itself to smaller intimate spaces, such as a country or historic house.

Lolly Buffet Etiquette

Lolly buffet etiquette is a new area to negotiate since some guests are familiar with the idea whilst for others the novelty factor remains high.

Put simply though, guests should really restrain themselves until after the main course and it's vital to provide serving implements - think vintage tongs for old-fashioned candy jars or pretty cake servers - to keep fingers out of the sweets.

how to set up lolly buffets

And if there are children at your wedding, think about raising the height of the table, or providing the little ones with a specially put together lolly bag early on to discourage wandering hands from raiding the lolly buffet over and again.

Everyone knows the party's not over until the lolly bags are handed out, so perhaps revive this childhood tradition and provide your guests with pre-packaged goodie bags at the end of the evening, or surprise them with the option of filling their own bags on the way out.

Lolly Buffets don't have to be of candy - fill them with fruit both fresh, candied and chocolate dipped.  Dip strawberries into chocolate, serve fresh oranges, pineapple, mango on plates and fill crystal bowls of berries of every kind.

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