Oh the sweet smell of springtime! Are you dreaming of peonies, sundresses, and swapping vows in a garden?

Sounds like you have a spring wedding in mind. We have put together a little garden inspiration with these gorgeous garden wedding ideas from Etsy.

Garden Wedding CeremonyGarden Wedding Arch

Jose Villa 

The Garden Wedding Ceremony Aisle

The prettiest wedding aisles are definitely the ones you can create in a garden.  Neatly mown green grass aisles lined with manicured ficus, hedging or rose petals?....Stunning! Rake a path of tiny white river stones marking our your first steps together as husband and wife? Divine!

Burlap Aisle WeddingOutdoor Garden Wedding Aisle

The Great Romance

Create a personalised walk way for your ceremonial debut and personalise the wedding aisle with a double side chalk board, your unmarried names visible on the way down and your married names on the way out.

Wedding Signage Decor

Again on a chalk board,  use your favourite quotes as pew markers or for a little fun the brides likes down the left and grooms likes down the right. to aisles with romantic quotes wedding ceremony aisle will capture your guests attention and! There are hundreds of ideas and styles to be found on  Etsy.

Candle Lit Garden Wedding Aisles

Create a magical mood at your wedding ceremony with a candle lit aisle. Line the aisle with hundreds of glass hanging lanterns.

Hanging Glass Candles Wedding

When the ceremony is over ask your hard working bridal party or other volunteers to bring the glass hanging lanterns to decorate your reception. String from the ceiling of your garden marquee or a tree for a stunning effect.

garden wedding ceremony ideaswedding candles

Garden Wedding Cakes

Clay Wedding Cake Ornaments

The garden wedding cake should captivate.  Get really creative with cake toppers, frosting and edible foliage.

Garden Wedding Favours

Succulent Wedding Favours

Succulents are a scintilating option for your garden wedding bomboniere as they are a hardy plant that can do without water for even the longest of celebrations and can be easily multiplied by breaking off a leaf and sticking it in succulent soil so your one small plant can be grafted x 100.

Keep It Cool

Parasols and paper fans will be welcomed by guests in the heat of an outdoor garden wedding.  Paper or lace parasols can be placed at the designated entrance of the garden ceremony or fans placed on the guest chairs.

Paddle fans can double as the Order of Service or a thank you note for all your guests.

Garden Wedding Parasolsceremony ideas

Lacie Hansen Photography Milque Photography

wedding paddle fans

The Garden Wedding Bar

The wedding cocktailwedding cocktail bar ideas

Pimms and G&T's on the lawn, Champagne and peach punch, raspberry tea and rosewater champagne.  

wedding cocktail bar ideas

Create a menu of cocktails to serve as your guests meander around your gorgeous garden wedding while you and your bridal party zoom off for your gorgeous garden wedding shoot. 

Decorate you bar to add to the decor of the day.

Cocktail wedding bars 

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