Transporting your wedding guests to your wedding on a double decker bus

Benedict Morgan Photography

If you are getting married at a location where taxi's are ulikely to travel or in an unfamiliar part of town, then it might be a good idea to organise transport for your wedding guests ensuring everyone is in the right place at the right time at the same time!!

You could download public transport timetables for your guests to help them plan their arrival, with suggestions on which planes, trains, buses or ferry's to catch or hire a wedding bus or coach to transport your wedding guests altogether. This is a great ice breaker and party starter that will have your guests mingling well before the pre reception drinks!

To ensure all your guests are in the right place at the right time, we recommend the following tips:

Notify your wedding guests about the transport you have arranged in advance and ask that they RSVP as to whether they will require the transport or not, that way you won't end up paying for a huge bus if onlyl six people use it. A good idea is to include a transport RSVP with the wedding invitation.

Have the guest transport depart from a central location that is accessible via other modes of transport

Appoint a helpful friend or cousin to act as Transport Officer to be at the pick up location to ensure everyone gets on the right bus and the right time.

If your wedding is at a location that may be difficult to navigate, include directions and maps. These can be included with the wedding invitation or sent separately closer to the wedding date.

You don't want a parking lot right outside your marquee or that will show up in the background of your wedding photos so to ensure guests park in the right area, put up some signs to direct the traffic to appropriate parking locations.  You could also assign a few helpful wedding guests to act as valets to direct traffic to the allocated parking areas or to park the cars of your wedding guests as they arrive.

If you have elderly guests you might also want to offer to organise special transportation.

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