Wedding Favours

Pink Frosting

Gone are the days of simple sugared almond bomboniere - not that they aren't still popular - but bomboniere suppliers have become much more inventive with their bomboniere choices, and guests are reaping the rewards.

There's plenty of scope to customise your favours either to represent something you both love, or to reflect the location of your wedding, from homemade cookies with your initials in frosting to jars of preserves, old-fashioned sweets, honey or local cheese for country weddings and gourmet ground coffee for inner-city types.

If you'd prefer to forgo the edible and perishable consider burning a CD of top tracks from your wedding playlist or making a charitable donation on behalf of each guest, include a note near the place card that you've done so or have the best man announce this in his speech.

For more ideas, we've curated 75 wedding favours your guests would be more than glad to receive and that you can browse and shop online right now at the Etsy wedding marketplace.

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