From metallic to ruffled, naked to painted, illustrated to ombre, we've rounded up the wedding cakes you'll be loving (and eating) at on-trend weddings in 2018.

Wedding cake trends 2018

Shae Estella Photo

With so many fresh and inventive cake concepts to choose from these days, deciding what you're going to slice and dice on the big night has never been trickier.

Never fear, that's why we're here, with the go-to cool cake guide for every sweet-toothed bride...


Wedding cake trends 2018 metallic blueWedding cake trends 2018 metallic purple

La Petite Pops

With metallics still having their moment in the sun on everything from invitations to table décor, it's little wonder the trend has wound its way to cakes. Easily adaptable to virtually any style, silver and gold have come a long way baby.

Looks we're loving right now include glam art-deco and old-Hollywood styles in antique silver or old gold, golden embroidery for a romantic vibe, geometric metallic for a modern makeover, or a smattering of sparkling edible glitter to add just the right amount of gorgeous glitz.


Wedding cake trends 2018 ruffledWedding cake trends 2018 ruffled

Flour and Flourish

Subtle sugar ruffles are utterly elegant and unashamedly gorgeous. Light and airy, they add a floaty, feathery touch and look fab interspersed with fresh flowers.


Wedding cake trends 2018 naked

Sweet Art  

Naked cakes are all about deconstruction. Forget obsessing over what they look like and show off the mouth-watering fillings instead.

A particular favourite at laidback weddings, rustic receptions and outdoor affairs, they look even more enticing with a generous side of berries, pears, oranges or apples.


Wedding cake trends 2018 white on whiteWedding cake trends 2018 white on white

Forty Two Cakes                                                           La Petite Pops

Forget the idea that a white cake is dull. The fresh face of white wedding cakes is adding an assortment of all-white embellishments and details such as piped embroidery, quilted fondant, fresh sugar flower cascades or non-traditional shapes.


Wedding cake trends 2018 paintedWedding cake trends 2018 painted

Hey there cupcake                                                        Flour and Flourish

There's nothing better than getting a little artsy with your cake design. Consider stained-glass, Monet-inspired designs, hand-painted tiers or simple flower accents.

If your painted design is especially intricate, stick to simple shapes and tiers to balance it out.


Wedding cake trends 2018 lace

Forty Two Cakes

Just as we've embraced the return of the lace wedding dress, so to the inclusion of lace-inspired wedding cake designs.

Ask your cake creator to replicate a lace pattern from your dress, wrap fondant lace appliques around individual tiers and make the most of on-trend texture...of the edible variety.


Wedding cake trends 2018 woodlandWedding cake trends 2018 woodland

Cherry Cakes

Recreate a rustic, earthy, nature-inspired theme in your cake by selecting an ivory base and using fresh blooms or realistic sugar flowers and leaves as accents, or prop the cake on a natural wooden base surrounded by moss and foliage - organic, eco-friendly and bang on-trend.


Geometric Cake Trend 2018Wedding cake trends 2018 geometric

Flour and Flourish

Whether you opt for squares, stripes, zig-zags or a chevron pattern, geometric style is ideal for any urban, city wedding. Seek inspiration in stationery designs, fashion runways or homewares stores and pick a simple colour palette so your shades don't compete with the striking design.


Wedding cake trends 2018 rosetteWedding cake trends 2018 rosette

Melissa Campbell Cake                                                        Flour and Flourish

Ultra-romantic, the rosette look uses all-over textural sugar roses to add volume without sacrificing elegance.

Our recommendation? Stick with white, ivory, blush or palest green and balance all that texture with some tiered height.

Sugar Flower Bouquet

Wedding cake trends 2018 sugar flower bouquetWedding cake trends 2018 sugar flower bouquet

Forty Two Cakes                                                                   La Petite Pops

What's a wedding without flowers? ...even on the cake.

One of the latest ways to bring blooms into the baked goods is to cluster sugar flowers into mini-bouquets on a cake in a muted base colour, such as ivory, peach or mint. Sophisticated, classic and creative.


Wedding cake trends 2018 illustratedWedding cake trends 2018 illustrated

 Flour and Flourish

These days, you can have literally anything printed onto your cake.

From recreating your wedding invitation to using a meaningful quote, once the cake has been iced with fondant, the design can be hand-painted over the top to reproduce any look you like, from country classic to modish modern art.


Wedding cake trends 2018 ombreWedding cake trends 2018 ombre

Cristin Francis Aqueduto Photo                                 Cordys Cakes

We've long loved ombre in our hair, why not on our cakes?

Whether you want to go whimsical or old-school glam, pinks are romantic (from blush to fuschia), metallic greys are bold and modern, while greens (pale mint through emerald to deep forest) are rustic, deep and moody.

If you're not ready to commit to the full colour spectrum, why not consider ivory ombré for a look that's as sophisticated as it is subtle.


Wedding cake trends 2018 buttercreamWedding cake trends 2018 buttercream

Forty Two Cakes

If homespun rustic romance is your thing, ask your baker to smother your cake in old-school buttercream frosting - and then just try to resist.

But if you're after a look that's a little more polished, ask for a pleated, smoother finish.

Trio and Quintet Cake Tables

Wedding cake trends 2018 trio and quintet

Flour and Flourish

A large table display can be a spectacular visual display at your reception, and a great tool to show off your wedding hues and theme. And what's more, it's gives you the option to offer multiple cake flavours (perfect for those can't choose moments)


Wedding cake trends 2018 monogrammedWedding cake trends 2018 monogrammed

Forty Two Cakes                                                      Andy Bowdy

What could be more romantic than highlighting and sharing your initials together - then eating them? Whether you pick a hand-drawn monogram, a bevelled gold or silver sugar plaque or a modern patterned monogram which can be repeated to create a perfectly pretty pattern. Divine.

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