Traditionally, the symbolic cutting of the wedding cake is done prior to the bridal waltz or after the main course has been cleared. However some brides have found the making first symbolic slice was better made at another time. Here are some other suggestions:

1. Upon Arrival at the Wedding Reception

cutting the wedding cake

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This is an ideal time to cut the wedding cake if you have a number of weddings speeches to get through or have booked some extra entertainment to surprise your guests at the reception.

Holding the cake cutting at the start of the day is a great excuse to welcome your guests together as a married couple.  Your guests will be keen to hear from the bride and groom after the formalities of the wedding ceremony. It's also ideal as it gets guests

You don't need to whisk the cake away if you want to keep it on display, simply make the cut then continue with the reception.

2. Before the Bridal Waltz

Traditionally this is when the cake is cut and usually occurs once the main course has been cleared and speeches are finished. It's a good segway to bring your guests to attention for your own speeches to be made as a couple and to lead onto the bridal waltz.

3. Just Before The Bride And Groom Leave

Some couples like to make quick and easy getaways but leave the guests to continue celebrating and dancing. A cake cutting at the end of the night gives you a chance for you to thank all your guests and let them know you are about to leave. You can have your slices sent to your bridal suite while the guests have theirs packed ready for their later departure.

4. After Your Speech

Whether it's the brides speech or the grooms speech, cutting the cake just after your speech gives you an opportunity to call up your new husband or new wife and keep everyones attention. Cutting your cake after a speech is also the perfect coverup in case nerves take hold and you flounder your lines or the champagne goes to your head.

Allow time for the chefs to plate the cake appropriately if you are using the wedding cake for dessert.

Find ideas on how to display your wedding cake at the reception.

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