A gorgeous bomboniere idea is to place small wedding bells on the guests tables, attached with a personal message or a wedding poem.

May laughter and joy fill this room,
as we toast the bride and groom.
Take this tiny wedding bell,
a sign of love to wish them well.
Ring it loud so all may hear,
when the bride and groom are near!

No rice or seeds to toss up high
when the bride and groom are passing by,
But wedding bells rung strong and clear
resound good luck to all who hear!
So when the bride and groom depart
to wish them joy as life they start,
Ring this bell with all your might,
til the happy couple pass out of sight!

Ring this bell with all your might
when the bride and groom take flight!
Ring hard, ring fast, ring true and clear,
wish them well for all to hear!

We are so glad you're here today,
To share our love in a special way.
The bell on the table is just for you,
To ring and announce our love anew.

Pick up this bell and let it ring,
A song of love for all to sing.
A toast to (bride)!
A toast to (groom)!
A joyful life of wedded bliss.

Article submitted by i-do member Lisa Stack

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